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15 Free and Best Educational Apps for Indian Students

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students
“I am excited by them all, not for the technologies themselves, but for learning possibilities they offer us!” – Geoff Stead

Compared to the 1990s and 2000s, the internet today has grown both, in terms of its speed and reach. Anything significant or casual can be found on the internet with just a click of a few buttons. Just like the internet, the importance of education has grown too. With new advancements in technology and new job designations every day, education has become a vital resource for each and every individual and various educational apps for Indian students have been developed. Education is not just limited to learning at school, but also expanding our knowledge on various platforms such as taxes and finances, a new skill like painting, graphic designing, or photography. Even attending swimming or boxing lessons forms part of education.

Education basically means anything that increases your knowledge and enhances your skill sets. People are different, so are their interests. Applications or Apps are the major sources of conveying information and services. There are different kinds of apps available for different purposes such as education, shopping, photography, etc. Education apps can be downloaded from the Play Store, App Store, and Windows Store with just a few clicks and you can get started on learning new skills instantly!

With the growing number of education apps every day, the unlimited number of options can seem overwhelming to some people. So, to minimise your burden of choosing the best educational apps and to save your time, we have curated a list of some of the best educational apps for Indian Students.

The list is as follows:

1. MyCBSEGuide

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 01CBSE stands for the Central Board of Secondary Education which is a Central Board for schools in India. All CBSE schools follow the same syllabus and exam patterns. This is where MyCBSEGuide steps in! It offers all the latest news and exam syllabus for CBSE Students at one place in an easily accessible format. Not only that, students can also use this app to get their doubts clarified on any subject form the top CBSE professors and toppers within a matter of minutes!

2. Meritnation

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 02Meritnation is another education app for Indian students where you can sign up for free! It has questions from all central and state board books ranging from 1st standard till competitive exams like JEE, UPSC, etc and the top professors of India and All-India Toppers answer those questions for free! Also, you can access exam resources inside the app as well which comes in very handy.


Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 03BYJU’S is a very famous education app in India that acquired its place among the top apps within months of being launched. This is because of the interactive user interface that keeps the students engaged and interested! You can sign up for free on this app! Once you are done with providing information on your board and grade, the app gives you unlimited and FREE Access to thousands of educational videos, quizzes, and MOCK Tests! BYJU’S is one of the most recommended apps for Indian Students.

4. E-Pathshala

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 04E-Pathshala is an education app for Indian Students designed by the Indian Government under its NCERT Initiative. NCERT is the main clearinghouse for any education-related information in India and the E-Pathshala app has access to all NCERT and other e-books available for free inside! Students can view and download the PDF of all the e-books without having to pay anything and can learn at the convenience of their own time and place.

5. Blinkist

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 05Blinkist is yet another popular e-book and audiobook app for Indian students. It has audiobooks compiled by experts that have shortened the summary of every leading book in each subject so that students can fit in that extra bit of information in a very short duration of time amidst their busy schedule! The app also offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try out the app for yourself and continue with the subscription if you are satisfied with it.

6. Skillshare

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 06Skillshare is an online video platform that offers video classes for almost any skill or topic that Indian students can think of. Graphic Designing? Cooking? Entrepreneurship? English Grammar? Yes, You got them all! It has all sorts of top educators teaching you for free or at a very minimal charge. The app also offers 2-4 months of free trials depending on the ongoing offers.

7. Duolingo

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 07Duo- Two; Lingo – English slang for language. Indian students are very keen on learning new languages. Duolingo is a linguistic teaching app that teaches new languages in an interactive manner. It has interesting games and reminders along with quizzes that keep the students engaged and makes sure they don’t get bored while learning a new language. In short, the app is both education as well as play!

8. Amazon Kindle

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 08Amazon Kindle is one of the leading platforms for audiobooks in India. It is not only for audiobooks but also for those minds that like to read. Kindle is one of the best apps for Indian students for e-books too. You can find almost any e-book/audiobook on the Kindle app. The best part is, it also offers free trials! Students can sign up for a free trial on the Kindle app and start reading their favourite books now.

9. UnfoldU

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 09UnfoldU is one of the major apps for education among Indian Students. Its live tests and quick quiz options make for an interesting and engaging learning experience that is very famous among the young aspiring students in India. The app provides a free trial and the full subscription is available for a very minimal cost!

10. Goodreads

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 10Goodreads is an e-book app for Indian Students where all the best books are divided into different genres. As we all know that books are the best and most interesting way to learn, Goodreads is the best app in India to benefit such an experience. The app has books for free as well as for a very nominal amount.

11. Photomath

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 11Photomath is a lifesaver for all the Maths students in India! You can scan any Math equation or question inside the app and it will be answered within seconds by the app with a step by step explanation and is absolutely FREE OF COST!

12. Khan Academy

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 12Khan Academy is an app that has brought together all the top professors of India on an online platform. You can learn almost any skill on the app for free or at the slightest charge. They also render you a degree certificate that is recognised all over India!

13. Vedantu

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 13Vedantu is an interactive learning app for Indian students. It offers video classes on all educational topics and also hosts quiz sessions over the phone and internet. The quizzes are fun as well as rewarding which makes the students eager to learn and win! The app makes sure that every student grabs a bite of the interesting courses it has to offer.

14. Toppr

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 14As the name suggests, Toppr is an education app for Indian Students that has the toppers of all boards and competitive exams, teaching you their topic of expertise for absolutely free! They not only provide easy and interactive ways to learn but also their MOCK Tests ensure that every student has efficiently learned what they have to offer.

15. Udemy

Best Educational Apps for Indian Students 15Last, but not least on our list is Udemy. In fact, it is one of the most recommended apps on our list! Udemy is an alternative to Skillshare where you can find video classes on almost any topic and skill you have been wanting to learn. The best part is, you can learn them for free! Udemy offers attractive trials and the interested students can opt for a full trial.

We hope you found our selective list of the best education apps for Indian students as of 2020, useful. These apps are very essential for Indian students as they not only teach your dream skills and topics in a reciprocating and fun way but also for free!

In today’s world of increasing expenses and busy schedules, what can be better than learning at the convenience of your own time and place at absolutely no cost?

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