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10 Easy Budget Home Décor Ideas for Indian Homes

budget home décor ideas
“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” —Charles M. Schulz

Your “Home Sweet Home” will always be the place you are deeply connected with, no matter where you are, and hence goes the quote “Home is where the heart is”! A well-decorated home using budget home décor ideas is not only appealing to the eyes but is a pleasure to live in!

An aesthetic home builds a positive aura and pleases people who visit us. Well, who would not want to create such an ambiance and bring an alluring look? But, when it comes to home decors to adorn our sweet home, we often assume that only expensive ideas could serve the purpose. This is definitely not true! All you would need is a bit of imagination, patience, materials, and creativity at play.

Ready to leave every person awe-struck, who walks into your house?

Ok, then take a look at these easy and budget home décor ideas exclusively for Indian homes that are promising and heart robbing!

1. Create a Focal Point

budget home décor ideas 01
A focal point in your room helps to accentuate the beauty, however with no additional budget simply because the focal area tends to capture the maximum attention compared to other areas of your room. For example, a living room can have a strong focus of a television cabinet along with several home décor items like adding a wall backdrop or displaying old maps or vintage arts, serving as the focal point of the room. You can decorate the room with a TV focal wall having several glass shelves decorated with a wooden theme.

2. Rearrange your furniture

budget home décor ideas 02
Would you believe that repositioning your furniture in the most inventive way is one of the quickest, easiest, inexpensive, and most efficacious plans to expose the real vision of your space? Yes, it is true with the right arrangement! Ensure not to place them against the walls or push them into the corners. You might want to do so, presuming that this setting would make space appear bigger. But, this is actually not the fact!

Why? It is because it only creates sections of furnished and unfurnished spaces, making the room dreary. You could move your couches and cabinets away from the walls and rearrange them to change the shape of the display. Make sure you design in such a way that people do not feel uncomfortable.

3. Add Designer Curtains

budget home décor ideas 03
Curtains add to the charm of your home. They dress up the windows gracefully, giving complete satisfaction to the eyes of the beholder.  Curtains not only have high decorative value but also control the entry of light into our home, and proffer us the much-needed privacy. They come in varied patterns, fabrics, materials, and colours. If you feel the look of your home to be a lot more monotonous with a neutral shade, it is ideal to opt for colours that blend with the surrounding furniture and other elements.

Alternatively, you can always add in more creativity to your budget home décor ideas by showing your sewing skills and making your own DIY curtains at home.

4. Reuse Old Items

budget home décor ideas 04
There could be unused and old objects at home that belong to trash; however, they can be revived by transforming them into useful and stylish home decors!

A few of the best examples can be transforming old wooden ladder into storage shelves, along with re-using plant holders, old crockery, unused glass bottles, maps, photo frames, and more! You could also try out a few DIY budget home décor ideas from recyclables such as broken dishes, old furniture, floor tiles, etc.,

5. Decorate Your Wall

budget home décor ideas 05
Your home is all about your memories and creating new ones every day. One of the best yet budget home décor ideas is to fill up your wall with classic paintings and family photographs to cherish the good old reminiscence. This is an extremely fashionable and also a budget-friendly option that makes your abode aesthetically pleasing!

Organise a photo wall in your home that would make your awesome photographs stand out and kindle one’s curiosity. Make sure you hang them at an appropriate height to be captivating. Try home décor with wallpapers and win compliments!

6. Ornament Empty Corners

budget home décor ideas 06
Are you worried about the naked corners of your home? Do not ever go blank with the spaces, but embellish them to give your home a fulfilling look! But, how? It’s simple. Just fill those spaces with alluring mirrors, lamps,  plants, photos, garlands, pots, etc., that render a distinctive look.

To be additionally impressive, you may also go for corner shelves that are useful in stacking your books and other fancy items. These budget home décor ideas help to maximise your storage space without the need to sacrifice floor space.

7. Grace the Entrance

budget home décor ideas 07
Your entrance is undoubtedly the most important space of your home that draws the maximum attention of the guests.  It is recommended to take a step beyond the welcome carpet and offer a stunning entrance to make your guests feel welcomed. A few affordable and simple ways to do so is by hanging arctic paintings, adding a framed mirror, placing a custom décor piece, etc.,

8. Beautify With Flowers and Plants

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Looking for easy, yet budget home décor ideas to prettify any part of your home? If yes, then opt for the fresh flowers that promise to bring in the desired freshness and vitality to your home. You can pretty much easily decorate from drawing space to your bathroom with these fragrant fresh flowers! A few indoor plants for positivity will not only purify the air but also add elegance to your ravishing home.

9. Cosy lighting

budget home décor ideas 09
The right lighting is an essential part of any room and when arranged in their best forms, they are a complete mood-changer. You can make it rather cosy by decorating the space with fairy lights, and varieties of lamps. DIY Modern Wall décor Lighting can also brighten up your room.

10. Colour Your Place

budget home décor ideas 10
An Indian home is all about colours; add colours to your home to make it lively. Feel free to explore and experiment with different colours; pick a fun and bright shade. You can add shades by incorporating bright cushion covers, carpets, colourful wallpapers. Set off your imagination by adding a splash of colour to a wall. A colourful space will never be bland!

The recent decade has witnessed a growing interest among Indians to redecorate their homes and in a rather affordable manner. When it comes to redefining Indian spaces, the rules of redecorating your space varies. This is where budget and functionality take up their significant roles.

We hope that these easy and budget home décor ideas will satisfactorily suit your needs. What’s more then? Get, set, go…!!!! Revamp your home with these colourful concepts, make it inviting and let people just fall in love with your astounding home décor!

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