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10 Essential Safety Tips for Women in India

Safety Tips for Women
“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”- Jerry Smith

The world, although is growing rapidly with globalisation and technology, women’s safety still stands to be a growing concern. Globalisation has opened new doors of opportunities for women but it has also become the major reason behind women feeling threatened. Have you, as a woman felt endangered while walking alone in the streets? 

Have you ever wondered how would you defend yourself if you are faced with attackers? What do you think should the safety tips for women be? Wait…. to take a look!

We, indeed live in a world that has a violent society. And every second we are busy overcoming our inner fears consoling us that we wouldn’t be the next victim. However, the fact is that none of us are aware of what would be facing tomorrow. Therefore, it is better that we take precautions rather than wait to encounter a mishap.

Being safe does not mean closing your doors to the outside world and restricting yourself from meeting new people, embracing opportunities, or exploring new places. It simply means keeping an eye open and being alert while experiencing life.

Here are 10 safety tips for women when out at work, or travelling home late, or all set to meet a stranger for a professional meeting.

1. Keep problems at arm’s length

Safety Tips for Women 01
The majority of women fall into the trap of the evil minds simply because they are unaware of the menace around them.

Self-awareness prepares a woman mentally and forewarns of any unpleasant circumstances. Similarly, along with self-awareness, self-defence is equally important to barricade themselves from torments.

Self-defence does not necessarily mean protecting oneself only physically but also includes taking precautions to ensure that women keep away from such irksome experiences.

2. Listen to your gut instinct

Safety Tips for Women 02
Every individual has the sixth sense which is the person’s gut instinct and there is an intuition which is originally a subconscious insight that is powerful to foreshadow a situation.

Women are blessed with this strong impulse which they should make use of before a misfortune befalls.

3. Avail training in self-defence

Safety Tips for Women 03
The easiest way for women to prohibit unwelcome circumstances is to get themselves trained in self-defence. The self-defence program should have simulated assaults with a certified instructor in real-time rape and attack scenarios.  
4. Focus on escaping the situation

Safety Tips for Women 04
One of the most effective safety tips for a woman is knowing the knack to bolt the situation if they sense trouble. Most importantly, they should dissuade their predators by attacking them using their personal belongings to safeguard themselves.

5. Voice when necessary

Safety Tips for Women 05
There are circumstances where women need to stand up for their rights and confront a situation. In a circumstance where raising voice is necessary women are advised to get public support and avoid confronting the assaulter in private to be on the safer side.

6. Trust your wit

Safety Tips for Women 06
Use your intelligence to handle the vexatious state. There are multiple aids like Pepper Spray, Car Keys, Kubaton Keychain that can be used by women as weapons for self-defence in times of need.

But, not at all times do these methods work. Instead, it is better that women trust their wit.

7. Don’t open your doors to a stranger

Safety Tips for Women 07
In today’s world, women need to be on their guard even if they stay home. They should never encourage intruders in their homes and also safeguard themselves from a home invasion.

Women should not open doors to a stranger, especially when they are home alone and unsure who is at the other end of the door.

8. Drive with windows up and doors locked

Safety Tips for Women 08
It is advised that women keep their windows up and safely lock their car doors and be aware of car-jacking, particularly when they are self- driving.

Women should not forget that most car-jacking take place when vehicles are stopped at intersections. They must ensure to park their cars in a well-populated area and keep their head on a swivel to avoid dangers.

9. Carry a doorstop

Safety Tips for Women 09
It is recommended that women carry a door wedge with them while they are on travel. More specifically, it is of great use when checking into a hotel room alone.

There could be some interlopers as hoteliers in the hotel. Use your intuition to identify them. To escape the jeopardy, place a rubber doorstop underneath the door so that no one can enter the room while you are sleeping or having a shower. 

It prevents them from getting inside the hotel room even if they have a passkey. This is most essential as not all hotel room doors have chains to keep prowlers away. They should remember that a door wedge is stronger than the door it secures.

10. Use the Internet prudently

Safety Tips for Women 10
Although the internet is a source of entertainment for women they need to use it wisely, especially when they are communicating with people online. They should use a nickname while interacting with people online and should not give access to their personal information like address, email id, and phone numbers.

There is a long list of internet fraudulent activities and many other perils that victimise women. Hence, women need to be conscious of online insecurities.

Women are also counselled to periodically refer to the police notebook internet safety page to gather information on staying safe.

Women should bear in mind these specially designed safety tips for women while they are traveling alone, heading for work, or while returning late. A woman following these safety tips for women leads a happy, secure, and contented life with their loved ones. If women feel secure in today’s world they will confirm a ray of hope and we would have a generation that is strong, steady, practical, modern, and not feeling insecure amidst all mishaps. Therefore, follow these safety tips for women and share them with women who are risking their lives, chasing their dreams, and providing for their families!


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