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12 Amazing Spiritual Facts about Mount Kailash

facts about Mount Kailash
"If you can really be with Kailash even for a few moments, life will never again be the same for you. It is a phenomenon beyond all human imagination." - Sadhguru

Majestically standing in the lap of the snowy Himalayan Empire at around 22,028 feet above the sea level, Mount Kailash is believed to be the Axis of the Earth and the Staircase to Heaven offering the look of a manmade pyramid, blessed with the wonder lake Gauri Kund lying yonder.

The most mysterious mountain of the Himalayas, no human foot, historically or documentarily, ever set at its peak though mankind reached the top of many mountains including Everest. The strangest facts, however, are its pyramid shape and the blue colour, round-shaped Gauri Kund where Lord Ganesha was born as per mythology.

This awe of nature, the abode of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythology, has many surprises. Astounded? Let’s unlock some of the amazing facts about Mount Kailash:

1. World’s Only Pyramid-Like Snowy Mountain: Still a Mystery

facts about Mount Kailash
Worshipped by people of five religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Bon, and Ayyavazhi sect
– Mount Kailash dubbed as the axis of this world by the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures, has been viewed by scientists and researchers as a manmade pyramid as it is too perfect to be a natural mountain.

Way back in 1905, G.C. Rawling had written in his book – The Great Plateau published in London, that it indeed is a pyramid built by human hands. After 94 years, Russian researchers also corroborated this fact.

In 1999, a team of Russian scientists led by Prof. E.R. Muldasheva carried out extensive researches and mapping of Mount Kailash to conclude that it is a giant manmade pyramid built thousands of years ago.

This scientific opinion was formed as it is surrounded by over 100 other mountains that look like small pyramids as well. They appear more as monuments rather than natural Himalayan formations with snow and stones. Mount Kailash is clearly oriented to the cardinal points.

According to Prof. Muldasheva, the very strange complex of pyramids Kailash might have been constructed by the members of a very advanced ancient civilisation that must have existed thousands of years ago. They probably knew the laws of subtle energy (torsion field), the time, and how to manage them.

The Russian researches concluded that the ancient people were well-aware of the laws of the gravitational pull of the Earth. This reflects their ability to move large masses of stone or grinding of mountain ranges during the construction of these pyramids.

In fact, the symmetrical looking Mountain Kailash has almost perpendicular sidewalls, falling from a very high altitude and it is believed this just cannot be natural. A mountain is unlikely to attain this shape unless built by human hands.

Since the stones have slightly different shades in different layers, this pyramid theory gains ground as in a state of natural formation, the stones or lithographic structure cannot be of distinct colours.

The religious concept that Mount Kailash is the cosmic axis or the center of the world has been scientifically testified by Google Maps. The religious belief is that Mount Kailash stands in between the Earth and Heaven – the dividing line of the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The Hindu scriptures describe it as Sumeru Parvat – the navel of the globe. Strangely enough, the mountain seems to be changing its position. No geographical or geological finds an answer to it!

2. Gauri Kund: The Birthplace of Lord Ganesha

facts about Mount Kailash
One of the most startling facts about Mount Kailash is that it is not only the origin point of the rivers such as Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej, and Karnali but also has several lakes around its periphery with the most sacred lake Mansarovar. There is also the Rakshasha Tal, (lake of the demon) also called the Ravan Tal.

The Gauri Kund, located at a height of 5608 meters from the mean sea level, is the place where Lord Ganesha was born from the froth or lather of soaps. Mother Parvati created the idol or image of Ganesha at the bank of Gauri Kund and breathed life into it to give birth to him.

The Hindu scripture Shiva Puran describes it very graphically proving human beings must have been living around the Gauri Kund when the holy book was authored.

The story enunciates: Once Parvati wanted someone to guard the place or spot at Gauri Kund where she was bathing so that none could enter. So she created Ganesha and asked the little one to guard her forbidding anyone coming there.

At the very moment, Lord Shiva approached but little Ganesha did not let him in, which enraged Lord Shiva, and out of anger, he beheaded the boy. Parvati, on seeing her son lying on the ground decapitated, was in immense grief and wanted his life to be restored.

But, Lord Shiva could not find a human head to bring back Ganesha to life. He could only see an elephant wandering. So, its head was severed and fixed to Ganesha to fulfil the need of Mother Parvati.

Here, it must be mentioned that the Gauri Kund is also associated with the world’s oldest human head transplantation, thus becoming an integral part of ancient surgery. We are aware that today, there is a global transplantation of different human organs.

3. Origin of Shiva Tandava Stotra

The sacred Sanskrit hymn Shiva Tandava Sotra was born here, one of the bewildering facts about Mount Kailash. The Uttara Khanda of epic Ramayana narrates: Once Ravana, Lankapati or King of Lanka and a great devotee of Shiva, wanted the Lord to visit his kingdom. But the Lord did not oblige him.

Hence, the proud Ravana went to Kailash and attempted to climb the peak where Shiva lived with his family. Despite his innumerable attempts, Ravana could not reach the pinnacle. Therefore, he wanted to forcefully carry Mount Kailash to Lanka and attempted on it and the mountain started shaking.

Noticing this, Lord Shiva decided to break Ravana’s pride. He simply placed His toe upon Mount Kailash that caused the mountain to lean on Ravana. Groaning in pain, he realised his folly and pride; understood the supremacy of Lord Shiva.

Consequently, to satisfy the Lord, he composed the Shiva Tandava Stotra and began to recite it. This pleased Shiva who appeared before Ravana to bless him.

4. Where Aging Quickens: Why Nobody Knows

facts about Mount Kailash
Is the force of aging at play due to some inexplicable reasons in Mount Kailash? Nobody, perhaps, can answer this scientifically and it is one of the amazing facts about Mount Kailash.

It is strongly believed that one who nears the border of Mount Kailash or ever tries to climb it ages quickly. Strangely, it has been proven with the facts that human beings who landed here to get on to the summit found their hair and nails grow rapidly, after staying here overnight. Isn’t it one of the breathtaking facts about Mount Kailash?

There are actual cases that show mountain hikers, pilgrims, tourists, researchers, and explorers coming here found that the hair and nails that take weeks to grow, started progressing or aging within just 12 hours on arriving at this mountain or its immediate proximity!!!

5. Kailash Peak: Connected to World’s Different Monuments

facts about Mount Kailash
Here, the human brain does not work!

During extensive researches conducted over the years by the Russian and the American scientists, the strange fact surfaced that the apex of Mount Kailash is connected to several monuments including the Stonehenge of England which is located exactly 6666 km away from it.

Likewise, the North Pole is also exactly 6666 km from here while the South Pole’s distance is perfect at 13332 km from the peak.

The researchers were forced to accept what the Vedas and other scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Bon, and Ayyavazhi say – Mount Kailash is the Earth’s axis.

Of course, it can happen topographically and geographically!

6. Natural Formation of Swastika During Sun Set

facts about Mount Kailash
One of the most breathtaking facts about Mount Kailash that mesmerizes us is the natural formation of Swastika – the most sacred Hindu symbol. When the sun sets, the snowy mountain range creates its very own shadow that resembles the Holy Swastika.

Similarly, one of the ranges of the mountain Om Parvat as well assumes the form of the sacred Hindu symbol OM – when the snow falls on the peak. This is close to Mount Kailash in the Trans-Himalayan region.

Nobody has yet decoded it scientifically. Mythology dubs OM – – as the mystical power of Lord Shiva!  

7. Is Shambhala Where Kalki Avatar to be Born is Located Here?

facts about Mount Kailash
The Vishnu Puran predicts the Kalki Avatar – the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu will be born at a place named Shambhala. Similarly, the Kalchakra Tantra of Buddhists also mentions Shambhala as the place where Maitreya or the future Buddha will be born.

The Tibetan Bon religion also talks of a similar land or kingdom naming it as Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring.

Interestingly, in their five-year-long exploration to search Shambhala in the Trans-Himalayan region, the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich and his partner Helena Roerich had actually set out in 1924 as they believed such a land really existed.

Sambhala, believed to be located in the Northwest of Mount Kailash, was also searched by many others, particularly Europeans, over the decades. It is believed that Sambhala is the kingdom of Gods where ultimate tranquility, peace, sublimity, and eternal happiness nestled.

Many people still trust that Shambhala exists beyond the sky-kissing mountainous frontiers of Kailash. Mount Kailash is acknowledged to be the secret entry door to Shambhala!  

The word Shangri-La, meaning Paradise on Earth, could have originated from Shambhala. The British writer James Hilton has made a special mention about Shangri-La in his famous novel Lost Horizon published in 1933.

8. Repeated Efforts to Scale this Mountain Failed

facts about Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash
is not very high and less in height compared to the Mount Everest. Yet, it could not be scaled over centuries.

Though constant efforts were being launched since 1926 to scale it, nobody could really reach its vertex. The chronological flow of efforts to scale it really baffles us!

In 1926, the first scientific way of reaching the top of this mountain began with Hugh Ruttledge. Despite the forewarning from the British Mountaineering Association that it is an “utterly un-climbable peak”, Ruttledge tried and failed.

A few years later, Col. R.C. Wilson also strived, though warned by his Tibetan Sherpa about its futility. His aim ended in failure. In 1936, Herbert Ticky made a similar try but could not make it. Of late, in 1980, Reinhold Messner attempted but did not proceed, thus abandoning the scaling project.

We must indeed agree that it is one of the stunning facts about Mount Kailash.

9. A Strange Mountain with Four Faces

The holy mountain has four strange sides, walls or faces making it totally different from other mountains of the Trans-Himalayan Range. It thus forms the shape of a rough cone.

If we are to pay credence to the Puranas, this mountain is the axis of the universe and divides the Earth into four different quarters. Here, we perhaps have to rely on the Puranas that say – this mountain has four faces – The North, the West, the South, and the East.

Call it a cosmic wonder, during the Sunrise and the Sunset, the Northern Face of the mountain appears in Golden Colour or offers a Golden View. The Southern Face of it looks like the shape of the ethereal Third Eye of Lord Shiva.

The East and the West Faces can be witnessed by the pilgrims during the Inner Kora or Parikrama.  

10. Peculiar Link with the number 6666

facts about Mount Kailash
One of the most stupefying facts about Mount Kailash is its geographical location and the numerical link to 6666 (in kilometre distances). It really looks unbelievable, but the truth, sometimes, is bizarre!

Let us have a short-statistics on the distance of different monuments and places of the world linked to 6666 kilometres, with Mount Kailash being one among them. These mystical geographical locations are:

  • Kailash to North pole – 6666 Km
  • Kailash to Stonehenge – 6666 Km
  • Egyptian pyramids to North pole – 6666 Km
  • Stonehenge to Devil’s tower – 6666 Km
  • Stonehenge to Bermuda triangle – 6666 Km
  • Bermuda triangle to Easter island – 6666 Km
  • Easter island to Tazumal – 6666 Km

All distances in kilometers are exactly the same! How is this possible? Astonishingly, it is a stubborn fact! Why are all famous ancient monuments and poles of the Earth are synchronized with the Mount Kailash? Well, we have no answer!

11. Only Mountain Which German Nazis Believed Was the Abode of Aryans

During World War II, the German Nazi leaders including their topmost head, Heinrich Himmler believed that this mountain was a source of the supernatural powers where the Aryans lived or belonged to.

The Nazi officers had visited Mount Kailash to trace the historical evidence of the presence of the Aryans and also to detect if the area actually concealed secrets of miraculous strength or if there really existed a source of cosmic energy.  

12. Is Mount Kailash Actually the Sahasrara Chakra?

facts about Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash is opined to be the manifestation of the Sahasrara Chakra- the real exemplification of Lord Shiva in the form of Supreme Consciousness.

As per Hinduism, the Sahasrara Chakra lies in a dormant form in the human body which can be awakened through the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

As Shiva resides at the crest of the Kailash, it is regarded as the ultimate destination of souls and the spiritual centre of the world – The Sahasrara Chakra. Don’t you think it is one of the confounding facts about Mount Kailash?

Known as the Swarga Loka or Gateway to Heaven, this mountain brings to light an interesting sight from the epic –  The Pandava Brothers with Draupadi reached the pinnacle of this mountain on their way to Moksha.

Bön religion also calls the “nine-story Swastika Mountain” from where the journey to heaven begins.

No wonder, in their quest for Moksha, thousands attend Mansarovar Yatra to have a glimpse at this sacred mountain!

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