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10 Simple Habits to Stay Organised In Daily Life

stay organised in daily life
“Getting organised is easy. Staying organised requires discipline.” - Laurie Palau

Staying organised in daily life is the key to being productive. Nobody is born organised; it requires cultivating healthy habits to stay organised. Routines are essential to regulate our tasks throughout the day. Developing superior habits and pursuing them over a long time can not only yield phenomenal results but also build your personality. 

So, even if you are a person yet to learn the art of being organised, it’s never too late to execute. Sort out your errands, pre-plan to conduct your days much easier and more relaxing. Who would not want to lead a life that is well structured? Why not, then? All you need is to give time for yourself to stay organised in daily life.

Today, we share ten simple yet effective habits to stay organised in daily life that will eventually help you lead a quality life. Explore…

1. Schedule Your Day

stay organised in daily life 01
Value time and it will value you! Try to make a schedule for the day and the week beforehand and follow it conscientiously. Set deadlines to reach your goals. Stop not until you have made it to stay organised in daily life.

A cluttered lifestyle offers you a dull and dragging feel over life, causing a waste of your time and space. Hence, prudently make a bucket list and start penning down the things that you would wish to prioritise on your achievement list, adding the requirements from your end to accomplish them.

2. Perform One At A Time

stay organised in daily life 02
We have endless chores to be performed the entire day, some could be really tedious. It so happens that we would at times want to do all at once and end up disorderly. So, it is better that we execute one task at a time to avoid chaos. It could attract a bit more of your time, but the result would have a massive impact.

For instance, a woman who’s busy in the morning needs to implement a number of jobs. She would be able to do better if she performs them one after the other. Just say, if she has to pack the lunch boxes for the kids, use the oven, respond to an e-mail, or answer a phone call. Do you think she could handle her tasks in a composed way if she does everything at the same time? Definitely, not! There could be possibilities of distractions, stress, and disarray. So, it’s wise to think and decide which job should take its priority and act accordingly.

3. Prepare A Meal Plan

stay organised in daily life 03
Create a habit of spending 2 to 5 minutes to work up a meal plan every day or every few days to organise your shopping for the week. Also, this clear planning will give you an idea of the grocery stock in your kitchen pantry that enables you to draw up a quick list. Try and arrange on an everyday basis, initially, and will steadily turn up into a habit. Keep updating it as required, to stay organised in daily life. Also, allocate time to do your grocery shopping and cooking.

4. Keep Your Outfit Ready

stay organised in daily life 04
One of the finest ways to stay organised in daily life is following the routine of deciding on the clothes for the next day, the night before. Well, you would know what to wear to your workplace. So, to eschew the morning disorder,  ensure that your attire is properly pressed and kept ready for the next day so that you don’t have to ransack your wardrobe in the morning, wondering what to wear. Follow this great idea and let every day of yours be hassle-free!

5. Declutter Time to Time

stay organised in daily life 05
Pick a suitable time every week to organise your abode; have the habit of decluttering items that won’t be of any use.

Get rid of the stuff that you no longer require. Donate items (that you do not use, but still in usable condition) to thrift stores or sell on places such as Craigslist or eBay. Visit a recycling centre or set up a garage sale.

Choose one reachable space of your home where your things will be decluttered. Peek into shelves and drawers. Set aside those bits and bobs that you don’t need and discard them, retaining the ones you would be needing for future use.  A cool way to stay organised in daily life, isn’t it?

6. Make Use of Your Free Time

stay organised in daily life 06
While we have a number of chores to do in a day, we would sometimes realise that fortunately there is some free time with us on a particular day. Grab the chance to figure out ways to complete your pending work, if any, and investigate means to plan ahead for forthcoming tasks. Make the most of your free time and stay organised in daily life.

7. Maintain a Calendar

stay organised in daily life 07
Make smart use of your Google Calendar and sync them with your to-do list. Mark important dates such as your appointments and meetings to make sure you keep up with your commitments, without having to miss out on them.

Alternatively, you may also use the desk calendar to organise your schedule. You will stay organised in daily life if you apply this simple trick and there’s no rocket science behind it!

8. Organise your Inbox

stay organised in daily life 08
Emails, emails, and emails all day! And they get trashing every minute, non-stop. Knack your brain to work on your mailbox and form a system for yourself for tagging and archiving the emails. Clear junk mails and spams.

Respond to e-mails right on time. Have the ultimate goal to make your inbox messages count at zero before you go to bed. Follow this every night. Over time, it would become a regular practice and wouldn’t be a tiring task.

9. Stop Procrastinating

stay organised in daily life 09
You may sometimes think that it doesn’t matter if you postpone the work that you are supposed to be done with. Well, if you think so, you are absolutely mistaken! Why is that so? It’s just simple.

Say, you are a student who keeps piling up your homework, excusing yourself to do it later. What happens? The burden of finishing your homework increases. Added to this pressure, you will be assigned more activities (from school) to complete.

Eventually, it would take longer; you would find it more strenuous and develop a sort of unwillingness to carry out the task. Therefore, make an effort to complete the chore as and when it comes to you. Check if there’s something in your to-do list that you can do now that you had planned then. Finish it, if possible.


10. Sleep Well

stay organised in daily life 10
A sound mind dwells in a sound body. You must be wondering what has sleep to do with staying organised in daily life. If you think so, wait… Sleep indeed has a major part in motivating you to stay organised.

It is undeniably true that rest has everything to do with enhancing your productivity. A sound sleep of eight hours every night will keep you energetic and calm. A restful mind is stable and better at organising things.

On the contrary, you must have experienced that staying up late makes you feel sluggish and lazy. You feel toned down and disturb if you do not sleep tight. Free your mind from disturbances and aim to hit the bed early so you get enough hours of sleep. You will notice a significant difference in life, altogether.

It is not a Herculean task that it is impossible to stay organised in everyday life. It is in the way you perceive every moment of your life, believe in organising your lifestyle. It is never too late to realise how important it is to keep your life systematic. Train your mind to be aware that your life should be remarkable.


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