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10 Practical Ideas for Passive Income in India

Ideas for Passive Income
"Never depend on a single income, invest in creating a second chance."- Warren Buffet

While we all know that money is the primary asset to fulfil our basic needs, we also desire to own expensive things that fascinate us, but unfortunately, they just stay away from our shopping cart due to limited earning sources. Well, this doesn’t have to be an everlasting situation.

But, how do we alter this scenario? It’s definitely possible with some amazing ideas for passive income that would serve as a real backup in times of need. It also supports during a financial crisis or when there is a loss of job due to unforeseen circumstances. Besides this, if you’re facing difficulties saving money for your retirement, passive income can be a real blessing for your old age

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is a regular income source that requires minimum effort and time which does not mean zero effort; in fact, you need to invest your time and put in massive efforts for months and years together to make passive income regular. Constant monitoring is essential to ensure a steady flow of income. It may be challenging initially, but once you are into it, you would definitely feel relaxed in handling your financial stringencies.

We are aware that our basic necessity is gradually increasing with time in the fast-changing world. It is most important that we keep pace with the growth and sustain our income levels. So, obviously, one should have an extra source of income to live a contented and comfortable life

There are many ideas for passive income and unquestionably, there are many cases where passive income could replace your main income.

What are Passive income ideas?

The leading source of passive income is the internet. You could make considerable earnings by blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, online selling, YouTube channel, and many more!

It is not a cumbersome task to make passive income. Wondering how? Go on…, check out these ten practical ideas for Passive Income and you’ll know how!

1. E-books

Ideas for Passive Income 01
E-selling is one of the best ideas for passive income.

Do you have a flair for writing? Well, then you could make bucks by selling e-books.

All you need is in-depth knowledge on some topics with fabulous writing skills.

For instance, if you are a psychology student, you may choose a topic relevant to your line of study, prepare a book on it, and list it on the internet. Keep writing frequently and now you are a writer and will have a source of a passive income! 

2. Photography

Ideas for Passive Income 02
Love clicking candid photos? Are you someone with a DSLR camera and brilliant photography skills? Yes, you can use your passion or hobby of photography to gross extra cash.

Many bloggers, magazines look for fantastic photos on stock photos. You can upload your awesome photos on various websites like Getty Images, Envato Elements, Alarmy, Adobe Stock, or Shutter Stock and will receive a commission on every download.

How cool is that?

3. Online Courses

Ideas for Passive Income 03
Proving to be one of the foremost ideas for passive income, online courses assist many people in taking up innovative courses and complete them online, at their convenience. You can grab an opportunity to share your knowledge while you offer others the benefit of the course.

But, the question is, ‘how can I  involve myself in this process?’ It’s not a complex task. If you have a knack to design a course and prepare your material, the job is done!

You just need to pick the best educational platform, try and sell your course. You will be paid for every purchase of your course! Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Design App

Ideas for Passive Income 04

  1. If you are a techno-geek and can create an app, you surely can make money. There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store and Apple iOS. You can also design any gaming or other services app to earn a fair amount. 
  2. Firstly, decide your niche and then design your app. Once done, you can sell your app to the Play Store. However, you need to pay the initial amount to the Play Store to get your app listed on the store. Undeniably, this is one of the most working ideas for passive income.

5. Share Market Investment

Ideas for Passive Income 05
Inquisitive about Share/Stock Market? If yes, then you could make a hefty amount by investing a little bit in the share market. True, but a strong knowledge of the share market and money is crucial to success. Purchase shares of the most thriving company at the lowest price, and sell them when the value of the shares are at their peak!

You could also make Mutual Funds a great source of passive income by investing some amount in it regularly, after carefully understanding the necessary documents.

6. Property and Vehicle Renting

Ideas for Passive Income 06
Being one of the top ideas for passive income, this option is for people who have multiple residential properties. Letting your residential property on rent is a great idea that fetches a stable income for a long time.

Another concept to attain passive income is by offering your vehicles for rent. For example, if you possess an additional car, you may keep it on rent with a travel agency and earn passive income.

7. Blogging

Ideas for Passive Income 07
Blogging is the oldest and finest idea for passive income. If you are a creative writer, you can make the right amount through your blog. Simply create an account on a free blogging website such as WordPress, Google blogs. Post blogs regularly and earn money through it. 

Indeed, your writing skills can not only bring you a fair amount of passive income but also popularity.

8. Freelancing

Ideas for Passive Income 08
Freelancing can be your primary source of earning as well as a passive source of earning.  Most people, tired of the dull 9 am to 6 pm jobs, switch their careers to freelancing. Moreover, freelancing provides you the freedom of time and rules. Above all, you can be your boss!  How exciting!

You can do freelancing in anything such as writing, web designing, marketing, etc. There are many websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, where you can create an account and get a nice gig. You may work on a contract basis for one month, six months, or even a year. And, the best part is that you can work from home, cool and calm! 

9. Affiliate Marketing

Ideas for Passive Income 09
Affiliate marketing is one of the most welcoming ideas for passive income, letting you convert your time into money with zero investment. WOW!

You don’t need to buy a product or create one. Many companies hire you as a reseller or affiliate marketer for their products.

What you need to do is just market and resell the product. Every sale is rewarded with a handsome incentive. 

10. Social Media

Ideas for Passive Income 10
Nowadays, social media is the biggest platform to earn money. You don’t need to plough in your money or have in-depth knowledge of anything. Merely, a mobile phone will do it all! Unbelievable?

Yes, social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram can fill your pocket with substantial earnings.

Here’s how…


You can make vines, online courses, or beauty tips videos and post them on YouTube. The more the number of subscribers to your channel, the higher is your income!


If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, brands could hire you to promote their products, rendering you a decent amount and goodies for your work.

Passive income can fulfil your expensive wishes, provided you utilise the opportunity to the fullest. Be it a costly dress, a high-priced gadget, a big-budget house, a little amount from regular passive income will be a big saving to meet all these requirements. Say, if you start making passive income in your 20’s, it would certainly make your 60s carefree and stress-free.

Analyse your skills today and transform them into money with little effort. This will proffer you financial freedom at a very early stage of your life.


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