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10 Essential Digital Skills for Students Today

Digital Skills for Students
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Digital skills are a scale of capacities to operate digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access information and manage them efficiently.

Most of the students stick to the traditional learning methods but developing digital skills from a very young age not only help students understand better but also aid in putting forward their ideas effectively. Digital skills for students should be a MUST, considering today’s digital generation. 

These skills promote new and unique ways of learning as well as working. For example, if a student wants to learn about an atomic model, would he understand it better reading a paragraph in a textbook or through a digital video showing the working of the model in detail? The answer is obviously the latter. People from Generation X and the previous generations believe in following the old, classic methods of learning and executing things, but who says going with the classic method is the ONLY correct way to reach your goal? Sometimes trying something new can get you to places you have never imagined yourself to be in! 

Digital skills for students make use of the new inventions and technologies created by man for ease and comfort. They are also fun to learn!

Now, you must be wondering what are some digital skills for students that will help in shaping their brains, keeping them tuned with technology.

Worry not, here’s a list of some of the digital skills for students that are essential for today:

1. Content Creation

Digital Skills for Students 01

  • It is the contribution of type of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an audience in specific contexts.
  • Widely used not only to create informative content but also to generate an entertaining one.
  • When students include this kind of digital skill in their projects or assignments, they can explain their ideas to others, impressively!
  • Content creation can range from video creation to the formation of illustrations, GIFs, etc.

2. Presentation

Digital Skills for Students 02

  • This digital skill for students is used largely throughout the world.
  • It basically means arranging data and information in a systematic manner to present them in the simplest and most comprehensive way.
  • We see that presentations are being used in most business companies when employees forge concept presentations.
  • They include making use of pie-charts, graphs, etc to represent statistical data.

3. Data Analytics

Digital Skills for Students 03

  • It is defined as the process of searching, inspecting, refining, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information and forming conclusions that will in-turn support decision-making.
  • This digital skill means searching up data, digging out information relevant, and useful; finally making use of the data for a major task.
  • Data analytics has multiple approaches and techniques under different names and is used in varied fields of science, business, banking, etc.
  • Such a digital skill for students may be initially hard to learn but it is of great help for the future career.

4. Coding

Digital Skills for Students 04

  • One of the interesting and indispensable digital skills for students includes compiling binary digits and special codes to form applications and software for utility purposes.
  • This digital skill is usually used by software engineers and app designers.
  • It makes use of computer programming languages such as C++. So, it is recommended that a student learns computer programming languages to get a thorough knowledge of coding.
  • Though difficult, with enthusiasm and constant effort, students can master coding in just a few months!

5. Social Media

Digital Skills for Students 05

  • Defined as the computer-based technology that gives users quick electronic communication of content.
  • People usually consider social media platforms a waste of time, but these platforms can be of substantial support if students are taught to use them productively.
  • This digital blessing can be a great way to promote small, new businesses as it has an endless number of reaches.
  • These platforms can be used to voice your opinions and thoughts to the world. You can also trace people who you have lost contact with!

6. Effective Digital Communication

Digital Skills for Students 06

  • Digital communication is nothing but communicating messages digitally such as sending e-mails, handling online queries, organising group talks, etc.
  • Promotes user-friendly means of communication among students.
  • This digital skill is picked up by students specially focussing on the field of marketing.

7. Advanced Search and Deep Research

Digital Skills for Students 07

  • Advanced search is a full search of the entire dictionary text. It locates the term just as it appears in the dictionary. This may be an entry name, a section of another definition, quotation, etc.,
  • This research method shows the user all the relevant information, sorted by categories such as date of uploading, keywords, etc.
  • A crucial digital skill is a must for students of all ages, be it a school-going or a college-going student.
  • It is extremely convenient while making projects and preparing presentations.

8. Blogging

Digital Skills for Students 08

  • A Blog can be considered as a discussion or informational website on the internet, often made using informal text.
  • This digital skill lets one share personal experiences with the world. For instance, there are many blog-based reviews on electronic appliances that guide the readers to pick the perfect ones for them.
  • The World Wide Web has birthed many talented teen bloggers. If students master this digital skill, they can exhibit their expertise to the public.

9. Understanding terminologies

Digital Skills for Students 09

  • Terminologies are a group of specialised text and meanings leading to a particular field. The study of such terms and their meanings is an appreciable digital skill.
  • Terminology plays a key role in the understanding of different contexts and specialised texts.
  • Understanding files and their sizes, folders, and their representation are some of the examples of this skill.

10. Comprehending copyright

Digital Skills for Students 10b

  • Copyright is the exclusive right given to the owner of the intellectual property. It is most important that students understand what copyright means, the process, and the rules governing it.
  • Most of the information and data made available to us are copyrighted. Blindly copying the data can be considered as plagiarism.
  • It is desired to learn and understand copyright and intellectual property rights to avoid copyright infringement.
  • When students are educated on understanding copyright from the very beginning, they would be well aware of the consequences of plagiarism.
  • Content is usually copyrighted to prevent someone from secretively using the work of another, without crediting the actual author.

Digital skills for students, indeed are the crucial pillars to build a potent and satisfying career. Students certainly must take initiative to explore more on digital skills to configure themselves as the best competitors in this fast-paced digital world.

Remember, ‘The more you learn, the further you receive’ – be it knowledge, job opportunities, or success.

So, start learning, after all, “You get what you focus on!”

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