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Kids are the greatest treasure that the parents can have in their life! They enjoy every moment of parenting. Thrilled at heart, their joy is boundless. Parenting isn’t an easy job! Right from the day the kid is born, parents need to shape themselves to be successful in upbringing their kids.

Parents learn a lot from their kids – in each and every move that the kid makes, the way they react, the thoughts, the method of questioning… Oh…! hundreds of innovations a day. Their active attitudes keep us moving all day. Their smiles are pleasing, talks are soothing. It’s a boon to the parents!

When we talk about parenting it takes different dimensions. The same method of parenting does not hold good for all the kids. Each child is unique and has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. The needs for each kid varies.

The prime factor in parenting is to register the fact that the key sign to an unhappy face of a child is COMPARISON. Yes, never ever compare your child with the other kids to emphasise a strong weak point in your child. This crushes the child’s hidden abilities.

A good parenting does not only mean giving the basic necessities of life or education; it is but building up an appreciable character in kids. Where the parents fail to teach their kids the valuable qualities such as honesty, sincerity, simplicity, kindness, gratitude, they do not realise that these are the demands in life for an eminent person.

A child follows the footsteps of the parents. Be it talking, behaviour or exhibiting intelligence – we are their role models. It is so noteworthy of them that kids have an extraordinary power of observation and record everything they perceive.


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