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10 Beautiful Aspects Of Indian Village Life

indian village life
“A village is a hive of glass, where nothing unobserved can pass.” - Charles H. Spurgeon

Is there anything more beautiful than being intimate with Nature? Yes, there arises a lovely feeling within us when we smell the fresh air and place our feet on the wet soil. We sense like floating in the air!

Who would not like to be lost in such an enchanting magnificence! Do you really wish to enjoy such an aura? Well, then, the enticing village life that treasures the benefits of Mother Nature is a perfect choice!

The Indian Village Life prides a pollution-free and serene environment that is elusive in urban cities. The easy and stress-free lifestyle is a delight for people who adore scenic attractions to espouse the beauty of nature. The charm of sunrise and sunset in the village ambience is beyond explanation.

Now, let’s plunge into the ten beautiful aspects of the Indian Village life:

1. Fresh farm produce

indian village life 01
The Indian Village Life offers the advantage of enjoying the farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, free from insecticides and pesticides. Consuming natural foods without the inclusion of additives or preservatives is the biggest plus for sustained healthy life, boosting up your immunity.

2. Cherishing the Indian Culture

indian village life 02
Our unparalleled Indian Culture is valued the most in villages. People sincerely allot time to honour all the traditional festivals of India with a lot of enthusiasm. The respect for our treasured Indian Culture is seen on every occasion that is celebrated with their family, adopting the true facets of Indian Culture. The practice of unitedly praying at the village temple for wealth and prosperity of the family members and surroundings, with sheer devotion is truly inspiring!

3. Relaxed Environment

indian village life 03
Nature is a gift to humans that can be enjoyed in Indian Village life. It assures a tranquil environment that is so relaxing. The rhythmic drift of the flowing river, the chirping sounds of the elegant birds are a bliss to the soul and a perfect musical treat to the ears! Can anyone deny the fact that city life cannot expound such a serene tone?

4. Budget-friendly Life

indian village life 04
The Indian Village life is simple with all the basic amenities needed for everyday living. It is cost-effective as compared to the city lifestyle; one can lead an economical life and have handsome savings for the future.

5. Associating with People

indian village life 05
Socialising and building relationships are crucial elements in conducting a joyous and contented life. Village life simply offers this moment in the most uncomplicated way! Yes, you would have people around to care for you, at all times. The family bonding is so mighty that the members are inseparable.

There is so much positivity in Indian Village life that eliminates the feeling of isolation. Every morning as soon as you get up you would see someone smiling at you, which is a real sign of building strong connections. Children growing in the village understand the worth of relationships and mingle socially in a group without any differences.

6. Secured and Hearty Lifestyle

indian village life 06
The buzzing city lifestyle accounts for maximum thefts and robberies, while a peaceful village life has fewer chances of them. Also, people in a village possess a satisfactory life as water, one of the basic essential needs is clean and potable and is also abundant, while the city faces scarcity of water, hence people rely on mineral water that is infused with chemicals.

7. No hypocrisy

indian village life 07
The Indian Village life lets you maintain your own personality– be the way you are, be who you are! There is minimal pressure to adapt to a modern lifestyle, unlike in cities that compels a Hippocratic livelihood. The Village life does not demand the need to upgrade your lifestyle, comparing and competing with others. This saves a good amount of money thrown on unnecessary fantasies just to live up to the expectations of society.

You are thus free from the pressure of accustoming to new trends. You can retain your originality in Indian Village life by dressing up the way you like and enjoying any food that you prefer. And, the best part is that the people in the village, unlike the individuals in the city, do not judge you by looks! How wonderful….!!!

8. Radiant Night Sky

indian village life 08
The twinkling stars and the bright moon in the village night sky are incredibly awesome – a sure visual delight to admire! The village people hold the supreme choice of immersing with the wonders of the night as they lie on the floor, watching the amazing night sky and entering into deep thoughts…!!!

9. Own a Garden

indian village life 09
Gardening has an indispensable place in Indian Village life and is a boon for the garden lovers who can grow their favourite fruits and vegetables, chemical-free. This salutary approach promotes an organic lifestyle in villages. So, people in the village can set up their own garden and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, good for wellness.

10. More Workouts

indian village life 10
Every single activity on the village farms is a sort of physical exercise, proffering a disease-free life. Indian Village life renders chances for walking, digging deep into the soil, sowing seeds into the land, and ploughing water for the lands. Excess fat is burnt during such strenuous activities, lending a fit and balanced lifestyle.

Time is not a constraint for people living in the village as they are not tied up with hectic schedules like mankind in the city and hence have ample time for enough physical activities.

Enjoy working out at your comfort zone in noise and pollution-free environment to reap the fullest benefits of exercises!

There is a lot of liberty in village life which is missing in city life. The village life is devoid of ailments and life-threatening dangers from harmful and unwanted chemicals, pollution, adulteration, etc., The placid vibrations of village life are the noteworthy respects of its composed lifestyle. The cool and unruffled countryside life and unequivocally challenges bustling city life!

The rural life absolutely treasures the finest possessions of creation, portraying its glory!

Why not we give a thought to be in harmony with Nature and experience this quality of life at least once in our lifetime?

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