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Top 7 Simple Home Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

birthday party ideas
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate" - Oprah Winfrey

“A remarkable celebration with cakes and games,

Enjoy at home with your family and friends.”

Well, I think you guessed it right! Yes, It’s a birthday party at home…!!!

It is generally believed that birthday parties are more fun if celebrated in a special venue. Possibly, I don’t think so because I feel that even a simple, well-planned birthday party at home with unique birthday party ideas stand out as a perfect celebration. A special day with your family and friends that can be made distinctive with wonderful and creative concepts; a day filled with fun and excitement!  

For a smooth and grand party, all you need is:

  • decoration with colourful balloons and attractive lights
  • a well-baked cake
  • snacks
  • party giveaways
  • few interesting games to enjoy 

That’s it!

While shortlisting birthday party ideas, most importantly consider the likes of the birthday boy or girl. Think of ways to make the occasion exceptional; create evergreen moments! Organise games that build amusement rather than competitiveness.

Now, you may think…Will the home party be expensive? Not at all! You can make your kid’s birthday memorable, within a reasonable budget.

Join me to check out on some of the child’s play and economical birthday party ideas to have an amazing birthday bash!

1. Baking Competition

birthday party ideas 01
Do you know kids love baking these days? So, arranging such a fun competition would be an interesting idea. Invite your family and friends, give them cute birthday party theme aprons and ask them to bake some unique cakes, cupcakes, or appetisers. Play music in the background to make cooking more welcoming. Let people bake colourful, decorative dishes in this merrymaking contest where everyone can relish the party food and mark a delicious birthday party! 

2. Backyard Carnival

birthday party ideas 02
This is one of the most loved birthday party ideas by kids of all age groups. A large variety of stations can be conveniently set up in your residential premises if you are fortunate with a big backyard.

Here are a few themes:

  • Face painting
  • Balloon pop
  • Tug of war
  • Tic tac toe
  • Hoop a toy
  • Spin a toy
  • Crazy hats
  • Knockdown 

You can also decorate the backyard and set up different gaming stalls and photo booths! Kids love clicking pictures and can cherish them for a lifetime! How exciting….!!!

3. Fancy Dress Party

birthday party ideas 03
This is the most common idea for a lively party that kids simply love as they get a chance to imitate their favourite cartoon or storybook character. For instance, if your kid desires to be a fairy, you can get involved helping in creating the fairy wings and tiara that perfectly go with the theme. Besides, there are also easily available DIY costume kits at a very reasonable price for the same. You can also have a theme party wherein the guests can dress up accordingly. Wow… what an idea! 

4. Screening kids’ favourite movie

birthday party ideas 04
Amongst the most loved birthday party ideas, movie screening is quite a trend. Kids love watching their favourite movies with friends. If you have a big home theatre with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video connections that have a variety of kids’ movies on the platforms, this is truly a simple task. Let the kids watch their preferred-movie, relishing popcorn to offer them the feel of a movie theatre! 

5. Home Camping

birthday party ideas 05
Kids love adventure and this plan will delight them. You can purchase tents and sleeping bags to generate a camping atmosphere using decorative items like stars, moons, and planet stickers. This would turn out to be a lovely thought! Just call it a ‘UNIVERSE PARTY’ to make it more entertaining! Guests can get dressed in casuals or even nightwear to appreciate the feel. Add some camping activities using flashlights for additional merrymaking.

6. Arts and Crafts party

birthday party ideas 06
Although there are a lot of birthday party ideas, craft making and painting on birthdays tops the list. Kids adore paper crafts. You may ask them to fabricate unique things of their choice. They can also be encouraged to design their own birthday cards to help them build their creativity. The birthday kid can treasure those cards as a memory! How cool….!!!

7. Scavenger Hunt

birthday party ideas 07
One of the most thrilling birthday party ideas for a marvellous birthday get-together is Scavenger Hunt! Organise a treasure hunt that has clues hidden in different areas of the house. Draw a treasure map showing the path to detect the treasure. You may also display clue signs or boards that assist the kids in tracing the treasure. The one who follows the clues and finds the treasure is the winner!  Do you know that this game lets the kids practice problem-solving skills? 

How did you like the ideas? Hope they would support your kids’ birthday in the best possible way.

The grandeur of a birthday party merely lies in ‘just right’ preparation.

Gathering with comrades and relatives makes the event exceptionally pleasant. The little hearts jump with joy, eyes fill with wonder as they open their birthday presents…..

A birthday is an admirable, enthralling occasion – a momentous day filled with fun and frolic that every kid yearns to treasure!

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