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10 Easy Ways to do Online Volunteering in India

online volunteering in india
“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?”- Martin Luther King Jr.

India is a developing country that provides ample opportunities for you to serve in different sectors if you desire to render a helping hand to others. Whether you are a housewife who takes care of your children, a teacher who is passionate about teaching students, a well-known singer who wishes to promote new talent, an engineer, a doctor, a fitness freak or an animal lover you can take up online volunteering in India and support others take their next step towards a better future. Desperately want to help people, but don’t want to step out from your home? Oh..well, you can do it at your convenience!

Yes, fortunately, Digital Media has opened new doors of opportunity for people to do online Volunteering in India. 

In this article, we are going to share with you 10 easy, yet the most effective ways of volunteering in India. Here they are….

Educate children online

Online Volunteering In India 01The average literacy rate in India is 74.04%. Although India is thriving towards increasing the percentage there is still a lot to do in the field of education. The majority of students in India are struggling with language barriers and some do not get an opportunity to attend schools. So, if you are a person with a knack for the English language, and loves teaching children, you can become an online teacher. Digital Media and the Internet help you connect with the local students easily if you intend to do online Volunteering in India.

Recognising and promoting talent

Online Volunteering In India 02India is a country that breeds talent in its soil. Be it sports, music, dance, acting, or any other extracurricular activity. However, unfortunately, a lot of people lack exposure. So, if you have found such people who deserve to be appreciated, you can expose their hidden talents to the world by capturing them in photos or videos and uploading them on social media platforms.

Help women identify their worth – Women Empowerment

Online Volunteering In India 03Gender inequality is a persistent problem even in the 21st-century. If you have the zeal to work towards women empowerment and improve the living standards of women then online volunteering in India can be your first step towards achieving your objective. You can start by teaching women to communicate and help them gather knowledge on the legal system and basic rights that they are entitled to and also educating them on how to improve their financial status through various ideas on self-starter businesses and online businesses from home, for women.

Extend a hand of help to disabled children

Thousands of children in India suffer from learning difficulties and other physical handicaps who need special care and attention. People who have prior experience in handling disabled children or are genuinely sympathetic towards them can take up online volunteering in India by assisting the community workers in necessary learning sessions that help these children cope with their problems

Assist people to recover faster by volunteering in the medical field

Online Volunteering In India 05The medical field actively encourages students to work as online part-time volunteers to organise medical camps to aid people who need general check-ups in remote areas that lack proper medical facilities. A large number of medical students and practitioners can take part in such a voluntary service to abet sick people with a speedy recovery by taking up online volunteering in India.

Work towards community development

Online Volunteering In India 06There is a huge scope for community services in India – whether it is planting trees to make a green India or giving shelter and food to homeless children, women, and old people. If you have a bend of mind towards social work, then you can opt to succour the old-age homes and orphanages through online volunteering. For example, you can write and post articles on the internet mentioning the varied ways of building a green community, like inspiring on tree plantation. This would reach the public and there is a possibility of many generous people stepping forward to render a hand to the various NGO and Non-profit organisations striving to develop a greener world. You can also participate and help them achieve their goals faster. Similarly, special columns stating the required assistance for care homes and the orphanages can be posted on social media platforms so that it reaches the benevolent hearts that can volunteer to support such organisations.

Become an online Fundraiser

This is one of the most appreciated parts of online volunteering in India as most of us are aware that a large number of people, in India live below the poverty line. To comfort them, you can do fundraising online. Be the first one to donate. Lookup for organisations that work for their upliftment and try your level best to attract funds through online promotion.

Be an online Yoga volunteer

Online Volunteering In India 08India is known to be the yoga capital of the world. Hence, if you are a fitness freak and have an interest in yoga, or you are a professionally trained Yoga Instructor, you can do online volunteering in India by conducting yoga classes online, explaining its benefits to people, thus motivating them to lead a healthy life. Additionally, online volunteering can encourage you to open fitness blogs where you can share your personal experiences and benefits of yoga to the world. This will not only provide people with knowledge but also motivates them to get started with Yoga.

Step into the construction sector as a volunteer

If you are an engineer or are pursuing civil engineering you have an opportunity to be a volunteer and help in building local schools, recreational places like clubs for old people, and parks for children by taking up online volunteering in India. Yes, you can design plans online for the construction to happen!

Ensure the safety of animals by becoming a pet care volunteer

Online Volunteering In India 10If you are an animal lover like me and want to ensure the safety of animals, then go ahead to volunteer and take responsibility to make sure that animals are being taken care of through online volunteering in India. Many NGOs along with small groups of individuals are constructing pet care units, sheds, and providing food, medicine, and other essentials for animals so that the animals, especially street dogs are taken care of. Funds are being extended for this purpose. You may join hands with them to work for the welfare of animals by donating and raising funds online for these pet relief centres or actively participate to fulfil their objectives.

Volunteering offers a sense of fulfilment and happiness which are priceless. Voluntary services help people objectively see the world from a different perspective as they can see themselves getting involved to effect the change. If each person takes up one small responsibility to contribute a part in changing the world, we would be very soon sharing a different version of the world much better than where we are living in now.

The only way to create a beautiful world for future generations to come is by helping each other. Let us take an initiative to realise that nothing proffers a self-satisfaction like volunteering. So, let us all join hands and work towards the betterment of our country by choosing our favourite volunteering service and serve the people to make a better world. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said: For one’s liberation, one should serve the society.

Last, but not the least, thanks to the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), the first online volunteering platform launched by India that encourages youth from different areas to be online volunteers!

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