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15 Best Basic Travel Tips Everyone Must Know

Basic Travel Tips
“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” - Oscar Wilde

Travel, irrespective of the destination is a treat to explore. It is an eye-opening learning experience for the soul that takes you closer to nature. With offering a feeling of being reunited with the world, travel is one of those beautiful experiences that have perks more than just one.

Alike any other incident, travelling comes at its own expense. This is why we have knit together a number of safety tips that work well for individuals to stay cautious while travelling. Let us explore a few of the best basic travel tips that you can adopt when you set out for an adventure!

15 best basic travel tips for modern-day travellers:

1. Ensure to check the official website of the state for travel warnings

Basic Travel Tips 01Performing in-depth research on the most exciting things on your travel schedule can be incredibly fascinating. However, it never hurts to know a few basic travel tips. Hence, when you target the best sightseeing places, do not forget to take some time to check the official website of the state you are travelling to, in order to be aware of the local travel warnings.

Each state or country comprises its own tourism website offering surfeit information. In addition to this, they also offer contact numbers and email ids’ that enable travellers to be equipped with the most resourceful information.

2. Get travel insurance done

Basic Travel Tips 02Travel insurance is a must these days. It is more of a necessity than a luxury. There is no doubt on the list of benefits that insurance offers which might even outweigh its cost in totality. Some of the essential coverages offered are trip delay or cancellation, emergency medical coverage, lost baggage and more. Travel insurance, one of the best basic travel tips can be done from your own hometown and can help you to be secured for the long run.

3. Pack light

It is completely fine to wear the same t-shirt for a few days in a row, while you are out, exploring. Do not overboard your luggage with clothes which are not a prerequisite. Travel light with the list of essentials that will guide you to carry just the required stuff, without carrying the unnecessary ones, over boarding your backpack. So, next time, no matter how bad you want to carry that extra pair of shoes with you, remember this basic travel tip, and you will realise how it is not going to be a very good idea!

4. Get a small backpack

Basic Travel Tips 04It is recommended to get hold of a small backpack in order to pack light. By buying a small backpack, you will be forced to limit your stuff, curbing the usual habit of carrying a lot more than what deems feasible. One of the basic travel tips that will definitely be useful.

5. Carry an additional bank card and credit card

Basic Travel Tips 05There could be untoward situations, though you are ultra-cautious. It is hence always a good idea to have a backup, in case of any disaster. With an additional card, you can be at peace of mind even if you lose a card or your card gets stolen.

Multiple cards will help you stay secured, irrespective of any unforeseen happening. No longer do you need to be stuck on an unknown land without any monetary assistance. Make sure that this basic travel tip helps you make the right decision when you pack your bag.

6. Avoid wearing flashy jewellery

Well, we all prefer to dress up at our best while travelling. However, strictly avoid wearing flashy jewellery as this is one of the biggest blunders that can invite a lot of robberies and make you and your travel group an easy prey to theft. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your precious gems at home and have a safe trip.

7. Drink responsibly

Undoubtedly, this stands as one of the most important and basic travel tips. A lot of people enjoy touring local nightlife which is completely a viable practice. But, at the same time, responsibility should take the front seat as it gets extremely vital to drink responsibly enough to take care of yourself and your family or the travelling group.

8. Be aware of the emergency phone numbers

Basic Travel Tips 08Every country or state you are travelling to should have its own emergency phone numbers. Make sure to look up for the destination’s emergency service numbers even before you get there. Recall having it written and noted either on your phone or your memo in order to be always equipped with one. This will further benefit you to have quick access to the number in a predicament.

9. Remember to get travel locks

Basic Travel Tips 09This is especially needed when you are staying in a hostel, on a journey. You can indeed save a few bucks when you take your own travel lock so that you do not need to buy one with additional prices. Nevertheless, you need to be geared with a lock for the safety of your luggage.

Having a safe travel lock for bags and backpacks is one of the most essential basic travel tips that secure your bag to the seat or chair while you are dining somewhere in transit. Keep your valuables protected from any burglary by getting a travel lock.

10. Keep copies of each important document

Basic Travel Tips 10The fact that you are travelling to a new land should always encourage you to carry a copy of each and every essential document that is accepted in the country you are travelling to.

Make sure you review the accepted documents of the country and carry them along. Added to this, it is also advisable to carry digital copies of all documents as this aids in easing the process better and makes replacement easy.

11. Register with your Embassy

Basic Travel Tips 11Despite all the planning you do, you can never be enough prepared for the miserable state of affairs that is simply beyond your control. Thus, the best way to secure yourself is by registering with an Embassy before you start forth with exploring. This is one such basic travel tip that helps you to stay safe if, at all, any inappropriate condition prevails in the foreign land.

Registering with the Embassy will have the government looking after your well being. Some of the events can be cited as a natural disaster such as a tsunami, earthquake, or war.

12. Get yourself vaccinated

Basic Travel Tips 12We all know how much we absolutely hate being sick while travelling. Consequently, it is desirable to be vaccinated to protect against infections. This basic travel tip will help you combat any disease that might be prevalent in the country you are visiting. Concurrently, before you get the vaccination done, make sure you perform optimum research in order to know the probable diseases persisting in the state or country.

As a matter of fact, some countries make it mandatory for their visitors to vaccinate themselves before entering their land. Meet your vaccination requirements and carry the shot card with you. Be a prepared traveller!

13. Book your travel with reliable sources

While booking your travel online, irrespective of the conveyance, it is vital to book your travel only with reliable sources. You need to have your eyes opened for common signs of scam travel offers, especially ones that have plenty of pop-ups online and a poorly formatted website.

During an online transaction, verify if the website that asks for payment has its own trusted business indicator as exhibited on the platform. The scammed ones count on readers or viewers not paying enough attention. Be vigilant; do not fall for them!

14. Use a fee-free card

Do not give banks your precious hard-earned money. Instead, spend it on the travel itinerary that you have created. This makes it crucial to have a credit card and a debit card that does not levy a fee on a foreign land transaction.

This also includes any ATM fee incurred. A long trip can extract a lot of money from you. For instance, every time you eat outside or explore, a quantifiable amount of fee gets deducted.

15. Seek the assistance of the local tourism office

Basic Travel Tips 15A local tourism office is present in each state or city you are travelling to. The officials are aware of everything happening in the town and can guide a traveller in surveying the best of attractions. These professionals can usher you appropriately through the local attractions whilst offering a brief on a particular event or activity.

Furthermore, with this basic travel tip, you can also avail a lucrative opportunity of acquiring discounts on attractions, events or transportation.  Although this is quite the most underused travel tip, it is a wonderful resource that travellers should never miss out!

Travelling is your own responsibility, and the more responsible you are, the better you travel. With the help of the above-mentioned basic travel tips, it is time to upgrade yourself before you plan your travel.

Now that you are armed with the finest travel tips, I am sure that you will confidently take your travelling shoes out and traverse. Whenever you plan your trip, remember to adhere to the tips for it is better to be safe than sorry!

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