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10 Indoor Plants for Positive Energy at Home

plants for positive energy
‘The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision’- Rosemary Gladstar

No wonder, plants are one the most wondrous creation of Mother Nature. Plants at home bring beauty and spread an aroma that fills the aura with peace and pleasure. It is a popular belief that even the existence of a plant can reduce stress and keep negativity at bay. Home occupants bring Plants for Positive Energy at home as well as reap its scientific, psychological, and physical health benefits.

Scientists Say:

Plants have an intrinsic property of inhaling harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde and exhaling oxygen. But the list of the benefits obtained from plants is unending. People grow positive energy plants at home to wipe out the negative vibes and open the doors for positive energy. Also, these plants are great air-purifiers!

Purified air instills happiness and keeps you fresh and healthy. You will notice the following benefits, in addition:

  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Increased focus

What does the Ancient Chinese Practice ‘Feng Shui’ Say?

The famous Chinese practice Feng Shui emphasises that space be arranged to reduce physiological and psychological stress. It is trusted that the living energy in plants attract positivity and bring blessings in one’s life. Further, it says that you can lead a happy and satisfying life when the space you live in has a positive vibe. What a positive feel……!!!

Here, we are listing down ten indoor plants for positive energy that you can have in your home for brightening up your indoor world as well as soothing your mind and heart.

1. Peace Lily

plants for positive energy 01
Feng Shui
affirms Peace Lily as a denotation of tranquility, peace, and spirituality. Peace lily flowers help in fuelling positive energy radiations and nullifying harmful indoor gases. This plant grows well in the shaded atmosphere such as an office or in a corner of a house. It is also found helpful in reducing headache and boost your mental health.

They also have another name ‘closet plants’ and are one of the most easily maintainable plants that help in livening your abode. They are just like their name and bolster ‘peace’. Pay extra care while planting this plant as the dirt built up on its leaves can attract insects, molds, and bacteria and can make the flowers look dull and unhealthy.

2. Jasmine

plants for positive energy 02
Being the national plant of Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, Jasmine has won the hearts of many as one of the most favoured plants for Positive Energy! It has a delightful fragrance that charms positive energy and also aids in strengthening relationships by de-stressing your mind. It can encourage heart health and also supports sound sleep.

The name ‘Jasmine’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Yasmin’, which means a fragrant flower or ‘gift from God’. Because of its exclusive scent, it is used to produce perfumes. It’s also used in aromatherapy as an ingredient in essential oils, candles, and incense sticks.

The lovely fragranced jasmine lifts the spirits of depressed people and eases a disturbed mind.

3. Jade or Money Plant

plants for positive energy 03
The importance of this plant is hidden in its name. It is also named as ‘Dollar plant’ and said to bring wealth and prosperity. It is planted for boosting oxygen levels and promoting better health. 

Feng Shui exclaims that the money plant generates good luck and fortune. It is a low maintenance plant and can also be grown as a trailer or a climber requiring less ground space. Its blooming pink flowers have the power to uplift your mood. It is also said to calm the environment and lower the stress levels. It prides itself on owning exquisite white or pink flowers.

Vastu admirers give it a lot of importance as it ushers the feelings of peace, heals emotions, and connects the mind, body, and soul.

This home plant is also a home remedy for treating warts, nausea, corns, and diarrhoea.

4. Orchids

plants for positive energy 04
Orchids have a distinguished pleasing appearance and sweet smell and are one of the most appreciated plants for indoors that can boost energy levels and relax your mind. They are one of the most expensive plants but are very lasting Plants for Positive Energy.

Apart from their aesthetic qualities, orchids have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and they are also consumed in the form of tea. The Greeks believe that orchid is correlated to virility and fertility which makes it a great choice for newly married couples. They require less maintenance.

5. Basil

plants for positive energy 05
Basil or ‘Tulsi’ is used from ancient times for auspicious purposes. Apart from this, they are believed to clear negative energy from the atmosphere. Tulsi is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties.

Placing Basil at home is opined to have a spiritual and healing effect. It emits oxygen and absorbs harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Vastu advises to place it in the North, East, or North-East direction of your house. Basil is considered a magnet for attracting positive vibes. Its antibacterial properties help in treating various health conditions. You can also consume its leaves directly and keep it in the place of worship. Basil tea is taken to awaken your senses and improve digestion. The holy basil can also assist people with arthritis or fibromyalgia.

6. Aloe Vera

plants for positive energy 06
Aloe Vera is one of the most evergreen plants for positive energy and is regarded by health experts as a plant with a great source of positivity and some medicinal uses. Its gel is used for regenerating the skin cells and healing cracks and wounds. It is a belief that the Aloe Vera plant can fight bad luck and negative vibes.

The aloe juice cleanses the body internally and promotes healthy digestion. Aloe Vera is an ideal plant for agricultural, decorative, and medicinal purposes. It is a stemless plant and planted for its aestheticism. The plant is placed under indirect sunlight or artificial light. Both, the gel and the upper hard green cover of aloe vera are useful.

7. Rosemary

plants for positive energy 07
The amazing whiff of the rosemary can instantly elevate your mood, reduce fatigue, improve memory, minimise stress, and also treat insomnia. Along with these, rosemary also tastes great and is used in cooking as well. Rosemary oil has so many antioxidants that succour in fostering good health.

Rosemary belongs to the mint family. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Rosemary keeps the air free of harmful toxins and promotes physical and mental health. Because of its pleasant smell, it is also used as a seasoning for soups. It can be planted in a cool temperature or a sunny spot and is perfect on the top of a rock garden.

8. Lavender

plants for positive energy 08
This beautiful plant with a particular colour is a house of serenity and positivity. It provides relaxation, clears negative energy, alleviates tension, and nurtures inner healing by decreasing stress and anxiety. Lavender oil is used in spas and salons for aromatherapy and massage as it co-operates in rendering a tight sleep, removing anxiety, and ameliorating your mood.

A person suffering from insomnia is guided to place some lavender under the pillow and experience its greatness. Just give it a go and get benefitted!

9. Bamboo

plants for positive energy 09
Bamboo is also fondly called as ‘Lucky bamboo’ because it brings good luck and prosperity in one’s life. Feng Shui describes its typical vertical shape representing wood that influences energy, peace, happiness, and vitality.

Lucky Bamboo can also grow in a spiral shape and can be used for decorative purposes. It is really easy to maintain. It counts as a wonderful gift for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Having bamboo adds grace to your home.

It is placed on office desks or inside the houses. It regrows after harvesting, just like the grass that gets reformed after cutting. It is a quick-growing, versatile plant that stimulates a vibrant atmosphere. 

10. Snake Plant

plants for positive energy 10
Snake plants, nowadays are one of the most chosen indoor plants for positive energy. It absorbs poisonous gases and creates a healthy environment.

Its maintenance requirements are very low. It is a positive energy plant due to its vibrant colour; emits cheerful vibes and also one of the healthiest plants offering numerous health benefits. It cleanses the air better than many other indoor plants and filters harmful toxins in the air such as benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

It can be kept indoors in a dark spot and needs to be watered every day. Also, you need to soak them in sunlight every 10-15 days.

Plants at home need to be loved, cared, and nurtured to grow. The positive energy plants are a great boon for people who find it challenging to calm their minds and ease their lives.

A positive mind induces positive thoughts and graces the place that you live in. Embrace the positive vibes and feel the difference!

It is rightly said –’Home is where the heart is!‘ So why not keep it as appealing as possible to make your heart blossom with joy?

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