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7 Simple Ways to Make Morning Routine Easier

morning routine easier
“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”– Marcus Aurelius

Let’s be honest! We all love sleeping. Don’t we?

Sleep is probably the most comfortable experience for us and waking up in the morning is a burden in itself. No matter what, we all have to stick to a personal morning routine to fulfil our responsibilities. Most of us work night shifts, stay up late with unsettled assignments, or simply lose track of time browsing the internet. The screen time takes a toll on our eyes, not helping to make our morning routine easier.

When we wake up, the slew of emails, social media notifications, and incoming messages or calls overwhelm us. We have a hard time prioritising our tasks and how to handle multitasking. If you have kids, the chaos that stems in the morning is simply peerless! They are the first to be up in the morning, bubbling with enthusiasm to get ready for school or their sports coaching. You wake up, groggy-eyed, with an intense headache, your head filled with thoughts of the daily work and your child’s regime. Tiring to even think of, isn’t it? Don’t you silently wonder if some magic mantra could make your morning routine easier in a blink of the eye?

Guess what? There are actually a few magical ways to make your morning routine easier. You just have to adhere to some rules that can make our morning routine easier by improving the quality of life. Let’s check them out:

1. Plan The Night Before:

morning routine easier 01
The first step to making your morning routine easier is planning in advance. Make A Schedule or A To-do List to get yourself prepared for the next day morning. For instance, planning for the following day’s morning breakfast, chopping the vegetables the previous night and storing them in the fridge, (especially if you are a working woman), make kids get their things organised like arranging their school bags, completing their homework, etc.,

Do you have a diary to jot down your succeeding day’s schedule? If not, get a planner now and start organising your tasks so that you can line up your commitments accordingly and make morning routine easier. You can also maintain a digital or electronic planner and set reminders for important commitments. After all, won’t you feel a bit relaxed in the morning to see you haven’t missed any important chore? Carry this planner with you throughout the day and tick off the piece of work once it’s done.

2. Brew Yourself A Steaming Cup Of Beverage:

morning routine easier 02
Pamper yourself with a cup of hot coffee or tea to kickstart your day the right way. It has been proven that drinking tea or coffee in the morning lowers the risk of heart diseases and strokes. The caffeine in coffee boosts your energy instantly, and burns calories, helping you to stay productive.

Apart from the health benefits, can we deny the strong whiff of tea leaves or coffee beans filling us with warmth? Want to sip your morning cup healthier? Wait for an hour before you make the first cup. Meanwhile, you can do some warm-up exercises, or even meditate.

3. It’s Time For Meditation!

morning routine easier 03
Meditation and yoga can significantly improve our focus, and help us rule our thoughts, consequently making our morning routine easier. On a regular day, we usually wake up with a mind filled with worries, unable to concentrate, and stressed.

How do we overcome that? – By meditating or doing some simple yoga postures that will relieve our body from the aches that occur because of inappropriate sleeping positions or less sleep. It also makes you brain alert by increasing blood flow, so you are even more high-yielding and enjoy your morning routine. It is ideal for calming the mind and body and achieving wellness

4.“Early To Bed, Early To Rise”:

morning routine easier 04
We are all aware of the well-known adage – Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise!

So, the earlier you wake up in the morning, the better you feel. Our body will find enough time to adjust its biological clock from an inactive state to an active plight. Waking up early also gives us ample time to prepare for the day and averts us from running late. Of course, you cannot take the 9 a.m. train to work when you wake up at 8.30 a.m., can you? 

Moreover, if you tend to stay up late at night, you are more likely to develop insomnia and feel tired throughout the day. Therefore, if you want to make your morning routine easier, sleep early and welcome morning with a refreshed mood!

5. Choose A Pleasant Alarm And Don’t Hit The Snooze

morning routine easier 05
Now, you might ask why we should choose a soothing sound for an alarm rather than the usually jarring one given off by the alarm clock? Well, it’s because the alarm sound significantly impacts our daily course. Confused? Yes, the incongruous sound triggers the stress hormone cortisol and worsens the day.

Also, it provokes us to hit the snooze button countless times to avoid our sleep being disturbed. Conversely, if you prefer harmonious sounds like birds chirping or classical instrumental music, you wouldn’t be jolted from your sleep, but wake up gradually that aids you to be at ease with your morning routine.

6. Limit Your Screen Time:

morning routine easier 06
If you want to make your morning routine easier, avoid getting busy with the digital screens in the morning. When you start checking your mobile phones, you do not realise that the time is spent on worth nothing and you end up, rushing. Do you need such a hectic morning? Well, then you relax your gadget time, be it morning or before your bedtime.

Train yourself to wind up at least an hour before bedtime to have a tight sleep as the glaring light of the screen harms your eyes and muddles your peaceful sleep. The choice is yours!

7. Double-Check On Your Kids’ School Items:

morning routine easier 07
The morning rush is doubled when you fail to double-check the belongings of your kids.
It’s better to cross-check if they have organised their items, without forgetting any. Sometimes, it so happens that children leave their lunch boxes, water bottles, or their homework notebooks behind. Make sure everything is properly arranged in their bags so that you are tension-free and do not have to run to school to give them their unremembered things.

It is most important that all members of the family co-operate and render equal support to implement the said rules for making the morning routine easier.

In reality, adopting these rules become easier when practised with the family. Your family members will also feel prolific and more optimistic about meeting their daily goals.

You can also make your children’s morning routine easier by making them stick to these healthy habits.

Get children to wear wristwatches or teach them to follow the clock for staying on time. When they do their tasks punctually, reward them with a good book or a word game or puzzle to develop their thinking skills.

Hope these simple tips will make you ready for a radiant morning and make your morning routine easier!

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