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10 Most Important Reasons to Respect our Elders

important to respect our elders
Youth can walk faster, but the elder knows the road – African Proverb

Respect our Elders – They Are Living Source of Knowledge

On a pleasant summer day, when we traverse fields on a work-mission in a place where there is no building, we rest for a while under the refreshing shades of a long-lived tree to relieve our fatigue, soothe ourselves. Identically, when we are perplexed with making a vital decision about our life, we approach an elderly person. Mankind had been executing this for ages, irrespective of the country they live in.

Now a question crops up! Why do we spontaneously respect the elderly?

Answer to the question lies in the fact that the elderly are a virtual plant of life. As numbers are included in a tree, it branches out. In the same way, when a person turns older, the volume of his or her knowledge gets deepened. The younger generation is lucky that they can profit, imparting the same from the wise, and can enlarge their knowledge bank.

10 reasons why it is important to respect our elders

Cutting across geographical boundaries, people in all countries pay respect to the elderly. Though there are many reasons to attribute to this, the following are the 10 most important reasons why we should respect our elders:

Elderly People Are Knowledge Capsule

important to respect our eldersThe mature ones want companions to spend time and unfold many shades of life when someone approaches them. Over the decades, the elderly people had experienced much up and downs, witnessed different difficult circumstances, had their own quantum of happiness and tragedies and seen the passages of time. Hence, nobody else can guide us better than them. 

Aged People Are Bridges, Be gentle to Them

important to respect our eldersThe elderly is bridges to the past, present, and future. By being respectful to them, you may draw some ounces of insight on how to conduct life successfully from their ocean of knowledge regarding the practicalities of human lives. They know the path of life greater and would rightly direct you, showing the dos and don’ts in existence. They can always be your mentors and escort you in all walks of life.

The Mature Are Wise Advisors, Consider them As Your Guru

The elderly can act as your Guru. Their profound knowledge and oceanic depth in understanding of the mundane, worldly affairs can help one in averting wrong decisions or incorrect judgment in life. They are the best advisors. It is a prerequisite that one bestows utmost respect to them, as much as he honours his Guru. Their advice can help you make the right decisions and avoid taking un-judgmental future-steps.

Ageing Advice Can Transform Your Failure into Success, Profit from it

important to respect our eldersRespecting the grey-haired is a must in our lives as they can always walk you through the most tedious paths, easily with their personal life encounters. So, respect them and gain from their down-to-earth practical suggestions, to elevate your level of success. Where you are a failure, their advice can help you transform it into a success.

Seniors Are the Best Career Guides, Listen to Them

important to respect our eldersIn the choice of profession, youngsters often go astray. This is due to the fact that they either take wrong decisions ending up in the wrong places or do not know their actual potentialities. The aged can help you know yourself as they can be the effective instruments in aiding you to find out the art, quality, and capability that lie hidden within you that you are unaware of. It is just like a Kasturi Mrig – the Musk Deer that does not know that the source of the exotic fragrance is within it but keeps on wandering its source.

Respect the Older to Help You Chisel your Personality

important to respect our eldersAs people grow old, they virtually develop the third eye to judge a man. Naturally, they can judge a man’s capabilities merely looking at him. It is here, where you must respect them and grab the opportunity of seeking their help to hone your skills, chisel your personality. They can render suggestions to polish your personality and be more attractive which will help you in shaping your career.

The Aged Can Increase the Degree of Positivity in You, Acknowledge it

important to respect our eldersAcknowledgement is one of the best forms of offering respect to anybody. This shows your gratitude to someone who has helped you. Elderly people usually make it their habit to end the negativity or pessimistic attitude of the youth. In other words, they help you usher in the vista of positive thinking with optimism being its most commanding, vital ingredient.

Old People Are the Best Masters to Explain Karma

It is rightly said, “As you sow, so you reap”. Put differently, human life is managed by Karma. Karma plays its role and people taste the benefits or drawbacks according to their actions. But, this is rarely understood and mostly misunderstood by humans. It is more so with the youth. Now, whom to approach to understand Karma in its real perspective? The answer is, go to the elderly, seek their blessings and the learn significance of Karma in your life. They are the best philosophers to preach to you that has a vital role in your life.

Grasp the Worldview from the Knowledgeable

Time, we know, is amazingly powerful. It has both scientific and philosophical meanings. If one has not lived through the manifold passages of time, he or she cannot explain its importance to you. The elderly, however, lived longer than us and have witnessed many vicissitudes of time, watching the crisis-phases, finally enter a happy-phase. They know that the good and bad times in life are just as the two sides of the same coin. Whether it is war, poverty, joblessness, or epidemics, the current generation may get restive but not the old masters as they have seen it all and can hold your hands to make you stay calm under such circumstances.

Learn “Patience” from the Elderly, Follow from their Life Experience

important to respect our eldersThe time where “Patience” is rapidly eroding from mortal life as a whole, the youngsters can get a fresh lease of knowledge from the elderly. All mature people are usually “Patient” but the youth, on the contrary, today is “Impatient”. They don’t have the time to wait for the fruition of their efforts and get disheartened if success is delayed. In such a circumstance, modern youth can master the art of “Patience” from the elderly.

I hope, all the youngsters now must have been convinced and agree with my reasons to respect our elders and I am sure that my points of discussion paved the way for understanding the need and importance of respecting the elderly. Yes! they are the fountain of knowledge and the source of inspiration! Treating them with respect is important; it moulds your character, offers you a self-content, and teaches you the valuable lessons in life!

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