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10 Life Lessons From Children That We Can Learn

Life Lessons From Children
“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” – Paulo Coelho

If we meticulously observe, it’s not just three but many things that children offer us to learn and accept.

A child is a reservoir of knowledge.  Ever since birth, a child learns in every step and age. I, being a parent has learned patience and positivity along with many life lessons that my kids have taught in the journey of parenting. Children are confident, courageous, and don’t hesitate to enjoy themselves.

It’s a journey to grow with children

Teach a bit and learn Life Lessons from Children too

Nurture them and nourish too

Grow with them and walk together too

Accept the change and Adjust for them too.

We, as parents teach our children the life lessons, groom them, and imbibe values and manners. Being a parent is an ever learning process, which is actually two-way – It is not just educating children alone, but we learn so much while we travel with them. We do not realise this. It’s about how we observe or take the things to understand the depth of it.

Let’s list out few Life Lessons from Children which can be followed. Together, as parents and children, we need to trace the ‘common thing’ that clicks for both of us to find harmony in that particular one. This paves the way for a mutual welcoming of thoughts and teaching.


1. Enjoy each day as it comes

Life Lessons From Children 01The best thing to learn from children is taking each day as it comes and handle situations accordingly. They don’t analyse past or overthink or plan for the future. We overthink and plan, end up stressing ourselves. But, children consider each day as a new beginning, a new lesson and that’s the most positive way to live life. Be in the moment, Live in the now, in the present, it makes life more enjoyable and more happening.

2. Find happiness in the smallest of things

Life Lessons From Children 02Noticed the light in the eyes of a child for even the smallest things? Yes, they are excited to get the simplest of things in life for everything that they find is new to them. It’s these things we often take for granted. We, as adults, forget to smile and appreciate even the little things in life. Simple pleasures in life create a happy mood and keep you going. There is no need to always hunt for big reasons to keep yourself joyful.

3. Be Curious

Life Lessons From Children 03Be inquisitive like children; ask questions, and think. It’s all normal. If you want to know something, just open up your thoughts and consistently be intrigued to know and gather information. Have fun and explore. Get excited and never lose hope. Curiosity helps in the motivation and in the long run aids in achieving your goals as well. Always be eager to know about new things, places, food, products, or be it anything.   

4. Learn to be Enthusiastic and Energetic

Life Lessons From Children 04Children simply enjoy life and share their feelings freely, with full of enthusiasm. Have you ever noticed a child when narrating an incident to his parent? They are so active and full of energy. Let’s grab a little amount from children and stay active. We make ourselves rigid with age and experience, staying silent and overthinking.

“Play energizes and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.” – Stuart Brown

5. Express Emotions

A very good thing about children is they don’t find a reason to laugh or cry. They can laugh or smile at the minutest things – anytime, anywhere! They can just be free to express their happy or sad emotions without worrying. We, as grown-ups, hesitate to express our emotions from our hearts as we are concerned with people’s reactions. It’s good to be expressive sometimes. So, cry and smile whenever you actually feel like and don’t overanalyse. Also, never hold on to an emotion for longer. Just like children, vent it but then be friends again.

6. Keep trying new things

Life Lessons From Children 06We can certainly learn this very important lesson from children. Welcome any new thing in life and don’t resist it ever. Learn something new every day. Children are willing to try new things; they run, play, jump, dive. They are in any case ready to try their hands on new stuff. We live with fear, a fear of the unknown, and try with a burden in our head and that’s why we withstand trying. Hence, just jump in, give a try, and set out on an adventurous trip, you will definitely be awakened. Adults tend to hesitate when we are presented with a new thought. One of the best Life Lessons from Children is to keep learning and welcome the change.

7. Be Yourself

A positive thing to learn from children is to just be how and what you are. Do not copy or mimic anyone for any reason. Every individual’s ability is unique. Be fearless like a child that jumps or runs without pondering too much. Indulge in things, enjoy fearlessly.

8. Love unconditionally

Life Lessons From Children 08Unlimited love is one of the best Life Lessons From Children. They do not know to discriminate against people, but only render unconditional love, without any grudge or expectation. How interesting… Why can’t we try practising the same? Imagine how loveable this world would become!

9. Notice small things

Life Lessons From Children 09A smile, a simple cuddle, a warm hug can just straighten many things and this is what children anticipate when they are upset. We, as mature ones don’t understand that sometimes just talk or hug can help release stress. Children watch the petty things that we do which are registered in the little minds as they are shrewd observers.

10. It’s okay to seek help

Life Lessons From Children 10This is a very important life lesson kids can teach us. They do not feel uneasy to ask for help when they need one. But, as grown-up people, we hesitate to seek help with a thought that we would be criticised for not knowing something. Rather, we should be ready to reach out for assistance in case of dire necessity. Be it any problem in life, or you are feeling low, never feel embarrassed or low to take help from anyone. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s okay to accept that you do not know how to do something.

In this voyage of generations, there is always a scope to learn from everyone we meet in our lives. And when we get to learn Life Lessons from Children, the pure souls, it is always an added advantage. 

If I look back and notice my child, he has actually taught me a lot on this expedition. Since his birth, I learned patience to handle a child, when he grew up I explored new ways to teach according to his capacity and learning power. In another few years, I grasped new things around me and equipped myself with the knowledge to stay updated with new technology. Thus, my child has helped me and is helping me to be tuned with understanding the requirements of new and existing generations.

Hence, just keep yourself open to learning- be it from children or adults. Children are at times the best teachers and when we learn Life Lessons from Children they are warming. We often say that children enjoy life more, then why can’t we learn the ways how they smile as well as forgive easily? Life will be a happier place if we start accepting the small joys of life and take things lightly, without much chaos!

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