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12 Awesome Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

reduce electricity bill
‘The easiest way to save money is to waste less energy’ - Barack Obama

‘Save today, survive tomorrow’!

As per studies and reliable predictions, 2050 will witness a nearly double population influx, as compared to the present times. Most of the growth and energy consumption will likely be a part of the developing countries. Undoubtedly, energy is a major requirement across all realms of life, and is also the most remarkable blessing of science offered to mankind, that brings us to discuss the need to conserve it and reduce electricity bill.

Energy has incorporated a revolutionary change to varied distinctive junctures of life, especially communication and transportation, thus playing a pivotal role in modern-day life. However, the large scale energy usage is leading towards a paradigm shift in sustainable usage with a rising need to reduce electricity bill. The transition is quite the need of the hour to not only reduce the usage of electricity but also save your hard-earned money. Let us explore a few awesome tips that can help you reduce electricity bills.

1. Utilise the Solar Power

reduce electricity bill 01
Living in a tropical country, we are exposed to around 300 days of sunshine each year and cannot emphasise enough on the key role played by energy. We tend to consume more power during the hot weather. And, ultimately get astonished when it’s time to pay our energy bill that’s a big figure! But, what do we do? You don’t need to worry when we have the saversSOLAR ENERGY! Yes, Solar Energy is a prudent choice to effectively cut down your electricity bills. So, how do we trap this energy? Well, it’s simple! Just use solar panels which are an efficient way of generating clean and renewable energy which can easily be installed at your home in the rooftop. Involving a onetime cost, they are considerably pocket-friendly that can offer long term savings and reduce electricity bills.

2. Use Low Consumption LED Lights

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It’s a great idea to make use of the low-consumption LED lighting along with energy-efficient variants of distinct appliances including air conditioners and refrigerators that are significant to making a stark difference in the electricity cost, thus bringing down your energy bills.

LED emits light in a 180 degree that leads to zero wastage, increasing savings. It can be clearly understood that using LED with the light facing the room, there is no energy being wasted and does not light anything pointless.

3. Make Use of a Programmable Thermostat

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The use of the heating and cooling system is certainly based on personal preference and external temperature. The power bills vary accordingly. A remarkable reduction in the bills can be initiated by resisting the urge to escalating the heat or dropping the temperature of the thermostat. However, if this step is not enough, you can install a programmable thermostat that can aid in lessening the electricity bill. The device is easy to operate that it lets you program the temperature as per the time of the day, without having to adjust it manually. This not only promotes cost-saving but also allows users to circumvent a few traditional expenses of cooling and heating. The temperature can be set to a more cost-efficient level when you are asleep or not at home. This will further be beneficial in saving money and enables you to keep the thermostat ready before waking up or arriving home.

4. Replace the Air Filter Frequently

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As you move ahead with your house chores, remember to have an eye on the air filter that catches a lot of dust while circulating clean air. This also enables us to keep the HVAC in fitting conditions and the fundamental key to achieving it is through the energy-efficient central heating and air system. Hence, it is crucial to take proper care of the air filter, by replacing them so that the system works in an optimal manner, utilising relatively lesser energy as compared to a system filled with dirt. Additionally, a well-maintained system with a clean air filter saves you from possible health hazards.

5. Service the Air Conditioner at the Right Time

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Did you know that more than half of an average household energy bill is spent on heating and cooling?
Unbelievable? Well, unfortunately, yes! But how? Here’s what actually happens….The outdoor units of the air conditioners are the key players that account for giant current bills when they are placed in direct sunlight as they use up to 10 percent more electricity than normal. Therefore:

  • It is recommended to place the outdoor units on the north side of your house and tuned up to ensure peak efficiency. Alternatively, you may even install an awning, in order to maximise savings and reduce electricity bills.
  • Do not forget to get your air-con serviced every two or three years from a professional. However, if the electronic appliance is more than 12 years old, you need to replace it at the earliest to avoid huge electricity bills.

6. Bring in Smart Metering

reduce electricity bill 06
Smart metering aims to install a special meter, tracking the way in which you use electricity. The data recorded in the meter is used to ensure that the power grid does not get overloaded or lead to severe blackouts.
When the grid approaches its capacity, you can easily shut down the utility in homes for a shorter period of time and reduce electricity bills to a large extent. Furthermore, the tip is ideal for homes where individuals are usually away, almost the whole day.

7. Switch off your Refrigerator at Regular Intervals

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You will be surprised to know that your refrigerator uses much more electricity as compared to any other appliances. As a result, be generous enough to save electricity by cleaning the coils at least twice a year that consequently improves efficiency by up to 50 percent. Now, that is quite a lot of energy savings!

The fridge and freezer, both run a lot more efficiently when they are completely loaded. That being so, it is advisable to fill the spaces by placing ice bags or water containers. Moreover, the door seals tend to wear out over time and it is necessary to check the seal, at regular intervals. Nevertheless, for instance, if you have a fridge that was manufactured prior to 2001, you must know that it is using 40 percent more electricity in contrast to the new efficient models. Besides, if you are replacing the fridge, ensure that you opt for the one offering an Energy Star model while recycling the older one.

8. Choose a Smart Power Strip

You might be shocked to understand that an estimated 75% of the energy used for powering household electronics is consumed while they are turned off! This is when an advanced or a smart power strip comes to the rescue as they have the potential to eliminate the problem of phantom loads and can shut off power to electronics while not being in use. The strip can be set to be turned off at any time of the day, with the help of remote switches, and is typically based on a ‘master’ device.

9. Go for Energy-Efficient Appliances

Reduce Electricity Bill 09
Appliances contribute to about 13% of your entire household use. Thus, do not give a second thought while purchasing appliances that offer energy efficiency. You must not hesitate to pay close attention to two distinctive numbers when buying the appliances:

  • the price of the initial purchase
  • the annual cost of operation

Although the energy-efficient appliances have a higher purchase price, the operating costs are however 9-25% lower as compared to conventional models.  Note that it is advisable to opt for an energy-efficient appliance that guarantees to consume less energy and usage that saves a notable amount of your money, reducing your electricity bill.

10. Upgrade your HVAC system

Reduce Electricity Bill 10
The systems comprise heating, ventilation along with air conditioning equipment. Heating appliances alone are responsible for incurring more than 40% of energy usage at home. Approximately, an air conditioner makes up to six percent of the entire usage of your home utility bills. Upgrading the system propagates an improvement in energy efficiency and helps you to save massive on your energy bills.

11. Insulate your homes properly

Insulation plays a crucial role in lowering utility bills in more ways than one. It retains heat through winter; dismisses heat from your home during summer. The insulation and the suggested level of its installation typically depend on the place you live in. The primary areas are the walls, the attic, the floors, the basement, and crawlspace. A well-insulated house automatically becomes energy efficient!

12. Practice Sensible Consumption of Power

reduce electricity bill 12
It is never impossible to enhance your savings if you follow a logical pattern in consuming electricity. Energy conservation is as simple as turning off the lights and fans when not in use. On the other hand, you can also make less use of energy-intensive appliances and perform household tasks physically. You can as well reduce the frequency and intensity of heating and cooling appliances which also covenants noteworthy savings. Small behaviour adjustments on a daily basis have strong power to reduce the usage of electricity and elevate your savings.

Conserving energy is inevitably the need of the hour. It stands as the greatest factor in protecting the environment, surging the property value, better lifestyle, etc., Being a responsible human in contributing to saving energy is what one can do to uplift the economy.

Lest we forget, the economic savings and a less polluted environment are almost like weaving magic of its own kind, and you sure do not want to miss out on that!

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