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15 Advantages of Technology in Everyday Life

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity - Albert Einstein

It is obvious that the 21st century is known as the era of science and technology as the technological advancements for the past decade have exceeded far that of what humans have achieved in centuries. At the same time, it is quite fascinating and hard to comprehend. The advantages of technology are a long list that would leave us astonished!

It is because of the advancements in technology that we are able to enjoy our lives as smooth as possible. There is no way that our forefathers would have been benefitted in such a way. So, if you just take a step back and ponder, you will notice the captivating inventions of technology that has completely changed the ways we perceive life. That being said, the sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the different aspects of our lives that have been altered by technology for the greater good.

Advantages of Technology In Our Lives

Right from wearing a smartwatch to driving semi-automated cars, we have incorporated technology in every aspect of our lives. Below is a list of the fifteen advantages of technology that we reap every single day:

1) Easy Access to Information

advantages of technology 01
With technology, our world has become a smaller place to live in. One of the greatest inventions of the century is the world wide web, or more commonly known as www. It even seems like we are all just living in a social village. The emergence of easier internet connectivity than ever before, every single bit of information is at our fingertips. One of the amazing advantages of technology, isn’t it?

For instance, if you need to know about the nearest coffee shop that is open in the late hours, the internet can assist you with the same. Needless to say, the internet has even started to replace some of the technologies we grew up with. Radios and televisions stand as examples. Recent technology ensures us with reliable sources of information at a very fast pace. It only takes the few clicks of buttons and Voila! You get what you needed to know.

2) Saves Time

advantages of technology 02
One of the biggest advantages of technology is definitely saving time. It is with the aid of technology that we are leading a faster-paced life. Think about it for a second. How long would it have taken you, while navigating an unknown town without the help of proper navigation? The same goes for on-demand commodities that you can easily buy at the convenience of your place.

It all adds up to saving more time while making room for other tasks. The same way, communicating with others has never been easier before. If you want to talk to someone who is hundreds of miles away, there is practically no need for you to send a letter and wait for days for a response. Just an e-mail does it all!

3) Ease of Mobility

advantages of technology 03
Considering today’s scenario, our lives would be unimaginable without a motorcycle or car.  These vehicles are being improvised every single year to make sure that they are much efficient and faster than the previous generations. This is one of the benefits of technology that has drastically changed our lives. Intercontinental travels would take days, and months without such implementations, while the same distance can be covered within a matter of hours by flight.

4) Seamless Communication

advantages of technology 04
Modern technology is gradually replacing the old one. No matter how hard the transition might have been, it is impossible to envisage our lives without these replacements. One of the finest examples was the use of letters, which later was replaced by telephones. Now, all of them are wrapped around a single device known as the smartphone.

Instant messaging is something we all cherish, and video calling someone has become the common norm. In fact, all the comforts of life in the contemporary world are nothing but the benefits of technology all along.

5) Cost Efficiency

advantages of technology 05
One of the advantages of technology is that it makes our lives simpler and cheaper. It has enabled us to buy commodities at an affordable rate like never before. Production made through machine operation guarantees that we receive the goods at an unbelievable price.

6) Effective Information Storage

advantages of technology 06
The more we are walking towards advancement, the greater is the hindrance to storing the information productively. Having said that, digital technology helps us to efficiently and effectively store information in a relatively compact space. Within our smartphone, we can store large data, including photos, videos, and other important documents. Technology has also let us store data online via the cloud so that one can access the same information from anywhere and at any time.

7) Innovation in Varied Fields

advantages of technology 07
In a post-modernised world which is greatly influenced by the digitalisation, from the field of medicines to agriculture, technology has created the perfect global revolution. Innovation in medical science helps us to fight against the deadliest of diseases and complications. At the same time, with the implementation of better farming techniques, we are now able to grow healthier foods.

As a matter of fact, technology has greatly improved our life span to a certain degree. Technology is thus the backbone, holding different fields simultaneously.

8) GPS and Mapping

advantages of technology 08
We can say that there is no corner within the face of the Earth that has not been discovered by mankind. The sole reason behind this is GPS and tracking. While GPS helps us to pinpoint our exact locations, mapping assists with a better route. This particular duo is what helps you to manage traffic; even tracing criminals. WOW! Indeed, one of the best advantages of technology!

9) Increased Entertainment

advantages of technology 09
This is the age of binge-watching, and the entertainment industry has been extremely improved due to technology. Our smartphones and computers have led us to abandon televisions and radios long ago. Concurrently, you can entertain yourself within the four walls of a room. Yes, computer games can amuse you and refrain you from boredom. They have indeed taken the place of outdoor activities, and whatnot.

10) Social media

advantages of technology 10
Social media certainly need an honorary mention as these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has brought us closer than ever before. People are able to share photos and videos, talking to their friends and distant relatives, all thanks to social media platforms. Evidently, certain new business ideas have started to bloom around social media.

11) Improved Banking

advantages of technology 11
Even a decade ago, cryptocurrency and bitcoin were completely alien terms to us. The idea of paying with your digital currency like bitcoin would seem absurd. But, as technology has started to take over, people are becoming more inclined towards new ideas.

This is not just constrained to bitcoin alone. The overall banking services have also severely improved. In other words, no waiting around in long queues to deposit your money and debit the same. Online banking has completely changed the ways as compared to traditional banking systems.

12) Better Learning Curve

advantages of technology 12
One of the biggest advantages of technology is incorporating a better learning curve. The classroom has never been fun before. By integrating scientific methods along with state of the art teaching skills, students can learn at the comfort of their home. Despite the fact, there are multiple pieces of software that can actually provide self-paced learning which undoubtedly gives students an edge over the conventional educational system where the students don’t feel left behind.

13) No More Disability

advantages of technology 13
Bionic appendages are the latest invention that modern science and technology have achieved. Whether it is a soldier who has lost one of his limbs, or someone crashed into an accident, being labeled as disabled, artificial limbs are what makes them complete again.

Such a gift from technology should always be cherished as one of the biggest achievements of mankind. This helps such people to take the long run of success without jeopardising or bringing forth the thought that they are incapable of achieving their goals. Kudos… One of the incredible advantages of technology!

14) Artificial Intelligence

advantages of technology 14
Artificial intelligence is the bridge that, unquestionably, would take mankind further than one can discern. While the term was coined long ago, it is in the previous decade that we have started to observe their execution. Undeniably, the idea of a human-like thought process can get mind-boggling at times, but this is what it is.

AI incorporated systems are being used in medical surgeries and the manufacturing of materials. Also, AI brings forth a whole new world of possibilities for us!

15) Smaller Sized Devices

advantages of technology 15
Last but not least, comes forth the idea of smaller devices. As technology is gradually evolving, so are the sizes of devices, becoming compact and smaller. It was not so long ago that computers took a major space of the room, while the current day laptops are no thinner than a regular notebook! The same goes for cameras, computers, and telephones, which are all consolidated in our smartphones.

The growth of technology has never ceased to awe us, showing its efficiency in all areas – depicting the fact that it has gained an inevitable space in all walks of life!

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