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An honest view of looking technology advancement and impact on modern world

Technology has taken a big dimension in the modern world. A stage has landed where technology has surpassed the ability of the human brain. Although science has offered us numerous benefits, yet it has nullified the casual activities of the growing children. Yes, the children today have become complete slaves to the master – Technology!

The present world has reached a point where it stands almost helpless without the aid of technology. It is not to be denied that the technological developments have awed us, but we must also not forget the fact that overuse of the scientific inventions might have a portion of harm.

The children today are so fascinated to computers since their childhood that it makes them ignore outside play. They tend to feel that their key area of happiness is in using computers and i-pads. When the usage of gadgets becomes more it blocks the way for socializing. Children do not understand how crucial it is to be friendly with others; how necessary it is to learn a lot many things through an experience with Nature.

Science has, undoubtedly rendered many benefits in varied forms and has given efficient time saving in varied forms. However, it is always wise that we teach our children the limits of staying with technology and the fact that they must be closely related with Mother Nature. Being with Nature is the best form of keeping ill-health at bay. But, we invite health problems, paying for it in the form of computers and gadgets!

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