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Physical activity plays a vital role in increasing our quality of life. It enhances both physiologic as well as psychologic conditions. In the busy modern world today, we really don’t think to spare some time to do exercise. Just like reading a newspaper in the morning, to start our day, we must have the same thought to do a physical activity. An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day!

Exercise can erase negative thoughts, aid in weight loss and ease a heavy heart. It also enables us to think better and act faster. When we undergo a physical training, our body perspires – the best way to burn fat. Jogging, running , skipping and walking are good exercises, however, unfortunately most women do not find time to go for a walk or attend gym to keep them fit. But the daily household work that they do is one of the best physical activities. Yes, cleaning our house is indeed a great exercise!

We spend lots of money on gyms and aerobic centres. But, we fail to analyse that the regular routines of life, by themselves are an exercise. Most people are reluctant to take a walk everyday but manage to sort out a time to attend the fitness centres. They feel that they can exercise better if their time and money are spent at the fitness centres.

When we talk about exercising, it is not just doing a physical activity. It also formulates new ideas – a stream for the brain. The pain that we experience while exertion is a sign that weakness leaves the body. Never excuse yourself from exercising that forms the foundation for a healthy living.

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