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Food is one of the basic necessities of life. But, how many of us treat it divine? Realise its importance? Have we really felt the need to do so? Not many of us! We see many people starve on the roads for food, while some enjoy a luxurious meal in wealthy houses. In between these two cadres is another class of people wasting food, without being aware of its necessity.

People choose foods that are totally deprived of nutritive value – yes, the junk foods that just build up the bad cholesterol in our body.  It is very sad to note that even the children have become super addicted to this unhealthy choice that questions their health.

Most people tend to select the wrong foods and run after health centres to reduce their body weight. It is somehow thought that the most expensive food is the highly nutritious one – unfortunately NOT! It is well said that the food we take is the best medicine that people don’t realise. It has become a modern trend to consume foods for fashion and prestige rather than for health and well-being.

It is only the poor who beg for a morsel understands the value of food. Majority of the mankind fail to learn the value of food. Well, each and every kid must be taught about the significance of food. Where every parents stand successful in imparting this into their children’s mind, there comes an end to food disregard and wastage!

There are classes of people who tend to discard food just because it is of less taste. Just imagine the vagrants on the road who cry for one meal a day! They eat anything that you offer them – be it salty, sour, bitter – what so ever! Do you think their taste buds are dead? No, it’s because they long for food that makes them accept what they get. We complain of the taste in the food – what our mom or sister prepares or what a wife does, killing our souls and just triggering our taste buds!!!

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