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Key to unlock ignorance

Let us help others to unlock their ignorance

Education is the key to unlock ignorance and hence it is one of the powerful tools for reformation. It is essential that every child is educated not only to just gain knowledge but to have a broadened view of the worldly aspects and to build in a self-confidence.

When a child starts to learn he understands different dimensions in everything that he handles in the process of exploring innovative ideas. His thoughts are expanded and he begins to gain a sense of logical reasoning and become thought provoking on all that he observes.

A child, in a day has hundreds of questions in his mind. He is able to think, analyse and visualise every little situation that he faces. Education is the pivotal factor for his motivation and wisdom.

Not many children get the required education due to unforeseen circumstances – poverty, lack of interest to learn, not motivated to the required extent. As the cost of education is rapidly increasing, children who are unable to meet up the cost do not make it up to read as they wish. However, they should be properly explained on the grounds that the best can be brought out from any field. It is therefore, predominantly essential that children need to be kindled to face the competitive word through the mighty weapon – EDUCATION…..!!!

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