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Library – Place for limitless learning

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library. –Albert Einstein

Library is a treasure of books that kindles our curiosity to learn and explore the world. It is a place where one can shape his / her knowledge and frame out ideas on varied dimensions. The need for visiting library is hardly felt amongst us. The fact is that we have forgotten to reserve a time to go to the library and so have we failed to teach our children the importance of visiting a library.

Children must be taught to read books right from their childhood. It’s not just reading…… they must cultivate the habit of reading out of their own interest. Reading a book everyday would encourage the children to learn more and understand things better. It is a pathway to guide them to quench their thirst for perception. They can be motivated to set up a home library. Initiating this spirit in them will pave way for more collection of books and expand their knowledge.

When they start with the research on books, the children not only gain knowledge but also feel the pleasure within them. The chances of building up friendly relations widen – a strong drive to broaden their home library would be felt. Also, choosing a book from their own home library offers the children a special meaning to read a book!

Be it a home library or to the library outside, the parents must take the responsibility of teaching the kids how to handle the library books. It is of paramount importance that every child must learn not only how to use books in a library but also practice the policy of ‘being silent’ when they enter a library.

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