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10 Best and Most In-demand IT Jobs for the Future

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"As long as the engine of innovation stays alive, Information Technology and talent will continue to drive."

The Indian tech industry has been booming consistently over recent years, persistently thriving to create a considerable number of jobs over the past decades, opening the doorway for the most in-demand IT jobs for the future. Within the Indian economy, adopting new-age technologies has been the key to the growth and success of any company. However, the nature of jobs and work ethics has been constantly evolving over the number of years. This can be accounted for the change in the types of jobs to improve business models and make them more efficient. One major development is the rise of Artificial intelligence in the field of Information Technology.

According to expert researches, there might be another three million new kinds of jobs created in the industry within the next five years. This also highlights the need for youngsters to know and have knowledge regarding the top jobs in the field of Information technology. Moreover, the growth in the number of technologically advanced professionals has been immense. Competition in this field has surpassed the contest in any other related industries.

While the demand for qualified tech professionals has been substantially growing, the graduates do not seem to be properly equipped with the required skills. This is particularly because the application of digital technology has transformed and requires talent in a particular niche.

Fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain offer larger ambient in the business of technology. Therefore, the youth is always encouraged to study and opt for a specific domain rather than a generalistic approach. Services, Computer software applications, and Internet within Information technology are industries that are in demand and are driving the market. The business growth has been witnessing rapid changes.

Given below is the list of top 10 in-demand IT jobs for future to help you select your niche:

1) Computer Systems Analyst

10 in demand IT jobs future other01Computer analysts are needed to design computer systems and to analyse them every day. Most of the IT consultation firms would require a professional and skilled analyst in the upcoming years as data and statistical information are considered as the backbone of the technological industry. Cloud computing and mobile technology are the primary fields that have seen growth.

Although a degree is less valuable than the primary skills and experience, a degree in the related field would be of huge help while applying for a job position. This definitely would be one of the in-demand IT jobs for the future.

2) Web developer

10 in demand IT jobs future other02Web developers are one of the lucky draws that you can get without a bachelor’s degree. Primarily, web developers can be categorised into three main fields:

Web designer
Web designers create the layout and look of the website. This is essential for a company because the websites are the funnels through which a business can filter and target their audiences. A person needs to have some form of experience or degree to attain the job position of a web designer.
A certificate becomes an additional point while applying for this job position. Webmasters maintain a website and its features, to make the website look interactive and interesting.
Web architect
Web architects handle the technical challenges for the construction of a website. A bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science is demanded by some employers.

3) Information Technology Manager

10 in demand IT jobs future other03Computer system managers, information systems manager, chief information officer (CIO), IT directors, and IT security managers are the corresponding job options in this area. They are employed to oversee and manage the IT team. Handling the organisation’s technical needs is the main function required to be executed. Some employers prefer an MBA graduate for this position, although it may significantly vary from company to company.

Salary ranges due to several factors from the educational background, certificates, and additional skills to the number of years of experience.

4) Data Scientist

10 in demand IT jobs future other04Without being said, data is the driving oil in the modern industry. Undoubtedly, Data Scientists will be one of the in-demand IT jobs for the future in the current scenario. A data scientist is meant to analyse and interpret data and information to find common trends and patterns.

Based on the observations, the person has to make informed decisions. On the whole, collecting essential data from various sources, analysing the data models, and using data visualisation skills to convey precise findings to the company are the functions to be performed. Knowledge of data and statistics, knowledge, and expertise in programming languages like Python, SQL, and visualisation skills are of primary importance.

5) Computer Research Scientist

10 in demand IT jobs future other05The candidate pool is comparatively very small, although the field underlines a difficult entry. Therefore, the demand is high. Candidates are required to have a Ph.D., whilst experience and technicalities matter the most when it comes to selection.
A computer science research analyst writes complicated algorithms that help businesses analyse and upgrade their data and information. Online and real-time data testimonials help to attain this job position.

6) IoT Solutions Architect

Internet of Things, along with the skills of Artificial Intelligence, has been the most significant invention in the technological world over the past few decades. IoT architects help in connecting various technological and electronic devices to the Internet and assist in properly gauzing data and information to upgrade the expertise of the business. The development of practical skills and applications of IoT technology assists in attaining this job position.

The essence of IoT technology is the handling and development of the ecosystem on the Internet. IoT architects are expected to be creative inputs and concrete interdepartmental ideas to expand the business and increase the outputs.

7) Software Engineer

Software engineering is an essential aspect of steering the technological world. It is estimated to be one of the in-demand IT jobs for the future. A software engineer has the main activities of interacting with the client, and further designing, maintaining, and testing various software to suit the client’s requirements.

The primary skills that a software engineer must possess are good analytical and programming skills. Communication and management skills are equally important for success in this field. This job can surely be asserted as one of the highest paying jobs in the times to come.

8) Blockchain Engineer

10 in demand IT jobs future other08bBlockchain is a relatively newer, yet powerful invention in the technological world. It is a concept that uses records and blocks linked through cryptographic data. A Blockchain engineer is supposed to develop, interpret, and implement the digital solution to the problems using Blockchain technology.

Skilled Blockchain engineers can successfully construct architectural system plans, decentralised software, and applications.

9) AI Architect

10 in demand IT jobs future other09Artificial Intelligence is the newfound magic in the world of technological advancements. All major tech giants are heavily investing in skilled AI engineers and AI architects. Knowledge of programming languages, statistical computing skills, Machine learning, and Neural networks are important skills to be developed by an AI architect.

Candidates are required to apply with a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field or specific AI courses offered by specialised universities. The primary tasks involve creations of AI solutions for clients as well as creating system based architectures to fulfil the client’s requirements.

10) Full-Stack Developer

10 in demand IT jobs future other10Fully knowledgeable and all-rounder developers are referred to as FullStack Developers. They can work on several aspects of the development of software and applications. Knowledge of both front-end, as well as back-end services including infrastructure and networking systems, must be possessed by an experienced Full Stack Developer.

Some of the essential skills for a Full Stack Developer are skills concerning database technologies, web development as well as knowledge of various technological advancements like Angular JS, Mongo DB along with associated API development skills. It will be one of the in-demand IT jobs for the future, according to statistics.

Information Technology continues to be an extremely major and indispensable portion of the tech industry. It is implied that the tech industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. This sector continues to dominate by being the most significant sector of the tech industry. Just like any other field, the IT sector also comes along with its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, willingness and flexibility will go a long way towards achieving success in the IT field.

We hope the above-mentioned list will aid you in tracing your dream job and see yourself on the pinnacle of success. The IT industry is here to stay as long as technology keeps dominating the world. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals and technicians will continue to rise. If you are willing to give your best and work with patience and perspiration, you are sure to carve out a comfortable space for yourself in the field!

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