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5 Benefits of Joining NCC (National Cadet Corps)

benefits of joining ncc
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" - John F. Kennedy

“Unity and Discipline” – National Cadet Corps

NCC refers to National Cadet Corps. It is a wing of the respected Indian Armed Forces, a Tri-Service Organisation.

Schools and colleges offer this training program to students. Any student can join NCC, learn to live a disciplined life and become a patriotic Indian citizen.

What is the duration of the NCC Training Program?

3 years

What do the students learn during the voluntary program of NCC?

The benefits of joining NCC include receiving basic military training. It develops the students’ interest in three forces – Air force, Army, and Navy.

NCC is the first platform that provides opportunities to the cadets to check their efficiency to join the mainstream Indian Defence Services.

The students obtain a valuable certificate from NCC after attending at least 75% of the training.

What does NCC offer the nation?

01b benefits of joining ncc
NCC aims to present trained, organised, disciplined, and highly motivated youth to India.

It helps in generating genuine soldiers with ideal leadership skills.

Who can join NCC?

Both girls and boys in India can join NCC. It possesses two wings – Junior and Senior.

Junior Wing

Minimum age criteria – 13 years 

Enrolment period – 2 years.

The students are required to contact the school headmaster or principal if they are interested in joining NCC. Where a particular school lacks the facility of NCC training, the students may get in touch with the Commanding Officer of the nearest unit of NCC.

Senior Wing

Age limit – within 26 years of age   

Enrolment period – 3 years.

The process is the same as joining Junior Wing.

Why join NCC?

02 benefits of joining ncc

  • NCC provides incredible personality development skills to the cadets.
  • NCC cadets develop exemplary qualities of courage, disciple, confidence, brotherhood, secular mindset, and bravery
  • The cadets undergo rigorous physical training, learn freehand and rifle drills, map reading, star navigating, and night-marching. They study man-management, history, geography, and general knowledge.
  • The NCC Cadets live in the camps as a community and learn to respect multiple cultures of various states of India and other countries.

NCC Certificates

03b benefits of joining ncc
The candidates can earn the greatly valued certificate only after accomplishing all the given criteria such as attendance, attending necessary camps, and others.

There are three kinds of certificates offered, based on the duration of training:

A Certificate

  • Obtained after 1-2 years of training in the Junior Wing
  • Doorway to B Certificate
  • Gives a fair idea on Indian Army
  • Not much needed for Government jobs
  • Candidates must attend at least one training camp

The candidates who bag A Certificate avail certain advantages of marks in the entire exams of all the wings belonging to the Indian Army.

B Certificate

  • candidates become eligible after attending 1-2 years of NCC training in the junior wing
  • Hold 75% of attendance in the training provided in the Senior Wing
  • It is the one that delivers the benefits of joining NCC to those candidates who aspire to become Jawans in the Indian Army

B Certificate holders can enrol for C Certificate. They avail of extra marks in the telecommunication department and other public sectors.

C Certificate

  • trainees are eligible only if they have a record of 75% attendance during the entire training period
  • remain in the third year of NCC training and take part in at least 2 national training

C Certificate is the most important one as it allows the cadets to enter the mainstream Defence Forces Of India.

Now, let’s have a look at the remarkable benefits of joining the National Cadet Corps.

1. The Indian Army

04 benefits of joining ncc
The Indian Army offers 32 vacancies to the C Certificate holders in the Indian Military Academy.

The Service Selection Board declares that the aspiring candidates are eligible to join IMA.

Aspirants with A or B grade are spared from the CDS exam of UPSC.

10 to 15 bonus marks are given to the cadets for recruitment in paramilitary forces including CISF, BSF, SSB, CRPF, and others.

An additional benefit of joining NCC is that the cadets can overlook the written exam included in the designation of Soldier GD.

2. The Indian Navy

05 benefits of joining ncc
The C certified cadets avail extra 6 marks for the job of a sailor. In addition, they get extra 15 marks for the post of Artificer Apprentices.

Reservation of 9 vacancies in the Navy is available for the right candidates.

The candidates should possess a B.SC in Maths or physics. The B.E pass-outs can also enrol in the Navy.

The individuals must be between 19 to 24 years of age.

3. The Indian Air Force

06 benefits of joining ncc
The C certified candidates are allotted an extra 5 marks.

10% of vacancies in all IAF courses, including the pilot course are reserved for them.

4. Non-Defence Benefits

07 benefits of joining ncc
The following incentives and allowances are bestowed to the cadet during serving:

Daily Allowance

Rs. 125 per day


Mess Allowance

Rs. 95 per day



Rs 10 p.m

State Government

Incidental Allowance

Rs 18 per day


Amenity Grant


100% centre

Refreshment Allowance


100% (State Govt)

Exception- Sikkim, J&K, and NER (100% by the Centre)



Cadets obtain a one-time payment of scholarships – Rs.6000 (10th pass) and 12000 (12th pass)

Security Agencies:

Certain reputed security agencies in both government and private sectors recruit C certified NCC cadets and offer lucrative pay.

5. Non-tangible Benefits

The benefits of joining NCC do not stop with tangible aspects. Summing up the non-tangible benefits awarded to the cadets during their service in NCC:

  • Annual Training camps
  • RDC or Republic Day Camp (Delhi)
  • PTC or Para Training Camp in Agra (The cadets can wear the much desired ‘Para Wings’.)
  • NIC or National Integration Camp
  • All India Mountaineering Expedition including a basic and advanced course on mountaineering
  • All India Trekking Expedition

Other benefits of joining NCC

08 benefits of joining ncc
The C Certified NCC cadets can:

  • connect with army units, service hospitals, and air force stations.
  • come in contact with naval base, sea, or ship training.
  • involve in adventure courses such as water/snow skiing, sailing expedition, snow, and condensed ice-related course, scuba diving, NRAI matches, etc.

The eligible youths can participate in the Youth Exchange Program, Foreign Cruise including Coast/Navy Guard, and flying the Miro light aircraft as Air Wing Cadets.

What do students learn/do in NCC?

  • NCC is utterly important to be added in the school curriculum because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow!
  • The school and college students can participate in the construction of roads, buildings, parks, tanks, etc.
  • Take part in child welfare and adult literacy programs.
  • Organising eye and blood donation camps, mountain climbing, para-jumping, para-sailing, cycle, and motorcycle expeditions, scuba diving, shooting, showjumping, and equestrian championships.
  • Teaches students to preserve nature.

The latest announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

The Prime Minister, on the auspicious occasion of 74th Independence Day of India, has made recent declarations on NCC from Red Fort’s rampart during his 90 minutes (approx.) speech.

A quick view:

The expansion of NCC across the border areas of India will support those zones with trained manpower during any trouble.

  • NCC will help the nation’s youth to build a solid career in the armed forces.
  • India will prepare 1 lakh NCC cadets approximately covering 173 border and coastal districts. A third of the cadets will be women.

The cadets will receive training from the three forces as follows:

ARMY- cadets in border areas

NAVY- cadets in coastal areas

AIR FORCE- cadets in Air Base

Border and coastal areas will get trained manpower to deal with troubles, while the youth will get the necessary skills to develop a career in the armed forces.

Read more:

NCC prepares responsible and brave citizens of tomorrow who will be ready to face death without fear to safeguard our motherland!

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